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Tailing the Komets

Bennefield has been released

David Franke: ``At the end of the day, that's what we came up with. It just didn't work out.
It's just unfortunate it didn't work out. Him getting hurt at the beginning of training camp put him behind the eight ball and it just never really jelled all year.''


Mon, 03/26/2012 - 4:00pm

Bennefield or Bennifield....SEE YA!


Mon, 03/26/2012 - 6:18pm

And Leo is still on the roster.........

Mon, 03/26/2012 - 6:38pm

Discussed having Bennefield sit many many weeks ago and playing Mele....he deserved to go...knocked off the puck to easily and certainly not a great trade for the Komets management....sure wish we had kept Cescon...might not have been in the defensive mess we are now, continually looking for defensemen.

Congratulations Komets on a great season....hope it continues in the playoffs.

P. S. - Blake, biggest draw nights are Friday and Saturday....why did we get stuck with Wed, Thur and Sunday?


Mon, 03/26/2012 - 6:40pm

One other comment...Leo may not have been up to snuff most of the season, but as of late he has done well and will certainly be able to help in the event he is needed....did a great job last night....good luck Leo.

Mon, 03/26/2012 - 7:20pm

This easily could have been Leo because they both had disappointing seasons. I was not in favor of the trade that sent Cescon packing because you knew what you had with Cescon Jesse on the other hand was a gamble that didn't pay off. One could also argue that keeping Leo around didn't pay off either and if you compare stats of the two very similiar, except Jesse played in 10 less games. I wonder if this had to do with more behind the scenes issues than on ice production. Nevertheless, it is what it is and the Komets have a tough road ahead. Have to play games 1 and 2 on the road and playing a man short. Having Henley out for two games is a huge disadvantage and top that off Molle will more than likely have to play hurt in his place. This series will prove if the Komets have the right mix, they made very little changes to he roster. The Rush on the other hand are a lot better than they were in December when they had numerous injuries at the time thy faced the K's.

Mon, 03/26/2012 - 7:24pm

I really thought Leo was gonna get the Mr. Hustle Award this year......

Hawk Fan
Mon, 03/26/2012 - 8:07pm

Where did Apod go? I don't recall hearing anything about him.

Hit The Post
Mon, 03/26/2012 - 8:33pm

One of the best lines of the year with the Leo Thomas and Mr. Hustle award!

Mon, 03/26/2012 - 9:03pm


Mon, 03/26/2012 - 9:32pm

The playoff schedule is what it is because the Coliseum is already booked for other events.  Unfortunately that's becoming the norm for the playoffs for us.

Even though the Komets have missed making the playoffs only 10 times in 60 years convincing the Coliseum to not book events just in case the Komets make the playoffs isn't going to happen...

Then I guess though it the fact that attendance for early playoff rounds is usually low......

But it still sucks.


Mon, 03/26/2012 - 10:11pm


Why do all the teams have a different number of players on their playoff rosters ? Is there not a set amount ?

Primeval Forest Primate (Formerly JM)
Tue, 03/27/2012 - 7:58am

Who's this aPod guy? Vasky has turned that line into a scoring machine in 3 games. He crashes the net, skates hard in his own zone, and PASSES the puck. We should thank the Rush for handing him over. 

Bennefield was the biggest bust in the Komets "AA" era.

Blake Sebring
Tue, 03/27/2012 - 8:32am

Playoff rosters are 19 players, and then you can add two amateur players and an emergency back-up goaltender. You don't have to name those three extra players right away. RC has already named its two amateurs. You also don't have to use a set number of defensemen or forwards. Evansville has only five D and the Komets have seven, etc.

APOD went home two weeks ago.

Tue, 03/27/2012 - 9:57pm

No, Dan Price was the biggest bust.  Atleast Bennefield had a legit excuse, injury.  And the Leo comments really need to stop.  Like him or hate him, he's going to help us with the little things.  Stick to fantasy hockey if you want to build your perfect teams.  Leo could be a huge plus in the locker room for all we know.  There's a reason he is still here. 


Hit The Post
Wed, 03/28/2012 - 8:06am

No orange kool aid here. Lots of veteran leadership with Chaulk,Schrock,Henley,Smith,etc. We needed and expected Thomas to contribute tangibles( points). It has not happened and if history is an accurate indicator the playoffs will prove to be no differently.

Primeval Forest Primate (Formerly JM)
Wed, 03/28/2012 - 8:24am

Dan Price had 23 goals and was a +21 the season he played here.

Jesse had 7 goals and was -5.

Brad MacMillan had 7 goals twice as a Komet playing in the same number of games as Jesse. 

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 11:03am

Who knew Brad MacMillan was a sniper???