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Tailing the Komets

Inside The Zone for March 5

You can watch it here.

Glenn and I talk about the comeback, a trap game, what the Komets need to do to beat Evansville and, most importantly, is this a championship-caliber team?



Mon, 03/05/2012 - 9:38pm

so if dustin and smith return does that mean one or two will have to go? and who will it be??

Tue, 03/06/2012 - 12:02pm

I'm glad to hear that Smith is aiming to return on Friday. 

It was refreshing to see the Komets score seven goals against Quad City.  Equally wonderful was the fact that Thomas and Bennefield scored goals.

Still, they went right back to their two goal- a -game routine against Wichita.  Pretty frustrating.  The scoring MUST improve if they have any notion of succeeding in the playoffs.  I agree with Blake that the power play must get significantly better.

I also agree with Blake that tonight's game is a key game for the K's.  A loss tonight would just kill any momentum that the K's have produced over the last week or so.  The last time in Dayton they lost 5-0 to Sterling.  Dayton hasn't forgotten that fact and  the Komets shouldn't either.  Sometimes it is normal to "look" past a game when a big game is coming next.  Well the Komets have two big games coming up next and they need to keep their attention focused on Dayton.  They need to do the work!

On a side note, I'm always impressed how the Komet organization has today, as in the past, helped woven the fabric of NHL hockey.  For example, yesterday my son, a friend of my son's, and I watched the final game of Fort Wayn'es sweep over San Diego on May 21, 1993.  It occurred to me that as I watched that game there were five future NHL head coaches under the Coliseum roof at one time.  They were ( and forgive my spelling),

Lindy Ruff, present coach of Buffalo

Claude Noel, present coach of Winnipeg

Bruce Boudreau, present coach of Anaheim and past coach of Washington

John Anderson, past coach of Atlanta

and, of course Al Sims.

Ruff and Anderson were playing for San Diego, and Bruce Boudreau was an in between period guest of Kent Hormann.  He had just completed his first year of coaching Muskegon in the Colonial League and was looking forward for a chance to pay his dues and move up.

I wonder how the future bodes for the present players.