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Is it too late to stop weeds from taking over the lawn and garden?

Even though we are having weird spring weather, and everything is blooming early and temperatures are more like Florida and places south, there is still plenty of time to get out your pre-emergent and stop a lot of weed growth in the lawn and garden. 

If you landscape is like mine, there are plenty of weeds that have already made an appearance this year. A pre-emergent won't take care of them, that task is up to you, but the good news is you can stop a lot of other seeds from germinating by using this on the garden soil and you can do that all season long although it is best to do it twice a season; spring and fall.

Just a note of caution: If you are using seed to start plants in your garden, you won't want to use a  pre-emergent on those garden beds because it isn't selective and will inhibit the growth of any type of seed.

NOTE: If you purchase a pre-emergent, follow directions on the label for best results. For more  information go to: http://www.gardennewsbreak.com/preen/releases/2012_02/index.html