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Tailing the Komets

Komets' rally may lead to bigger comeback


Thu, 03/01/2012 - 11:22am

First off, congratulations to Leo Thomas for finally scoring a goal.  It was a goal scorers goal, being in the right spot ( in front of the net) at the right time and having the "soft hands" to put it home without any panic at all.  I hope this sets him on fire and I hope Jesse Bennefield gets in the action also.

Chris Auger's second goal was just a thing of beauty.  From a poor angle he threaded the needle, and wow, has he been a most pleasant surprise on the ice this season.  He would be my MVP or at the very least co-MVP on the Komets team this year.

Still, even with the win, there is a scoring problem with this team.  Blake mentioned a few days ago how great it would be to get every forward going.  Thomas' goal, the third goal, didn't come until 56 minutes and 11 seconds into the game.

With all my griping and complaining, I have to congratulate the Komets on their February record.  10-4-1 is just excellent,  especially considering they played 15 games starting February 3rd thru February 29th.  Fifiteen games in twenty seven days.  Add on the injuries, suspensions and it was quite an accomplishment.

The sparkplug of the team is missing (Brett Smith) and without him the Komets have had to change some things up front.  I am sure that Bobby Chaumont would be more comfortable on the ice with him.