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Opening Arguments

Left behind

I forget things, so I understand how it happens. I've left my car keys in the car. I've forgotten to take my cell phone to work. I've forgotten an occasional appointment or two. I forget to get things at the store that I go in knowing I needed. This here is a doozy, though:


Parents of a 3-year-old girl forgot their daughter at a Chuck E Cheese and did not realize it until they saw her picture on the evening news.

The girl, was left behind, after she attended a large party with her parents. According to a report from the Hartford County Sheriff's Office, both of her parents, who share custody, assumed the girl had gone home with other relatives.

The parents "share custody" and both thought she had "gone home with other relatives." Sounds like quite the sordid little soap opera there, and still they could manage a Check E Cheese party. It's a wonderful life.