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Opening Arguments

Bye, bye, Barney Fife

Not up for the driver-of-the-year award:

VALPARAISO | A Porter County sheriff's officer involved in five vehicle-related incidents was relieved of his duties Thursday afternoon.

In a unanimous decision, Merit Board members found Paul Arnold violated rules of conduct unbecoming of an officer, use of department equipment and unsatisfactory performance related to five vehicle-related incidents he had on the job since being sworn to duty in May 2009.

While the order cites an incident in which Arnold scratched a cruiser while pulling into a maintenance garage, two crashes while responding to calls and a crash in which Arnold hit a utility pole while reaching for his drink, the board cited a September 2011 crash while en route to remedial vehicular training as the breaking point.

Yeah, breaking point, guess so. Looks like that "remedial vehicular training" came a little too late. When they're hot pursuit, I always worry about police cars, but I don't usually think of police as bad drivers at normal speeds. May have to rethink that.

Oh, wait. Guy's lawyer says "two of the crashes weren't Arnold's fault." Well, never mind, then.