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Call Before Digging - You Dig??

Although I nearly missed mentioning this in April there is still time to tell you about the importance of calling 811 before digging. 

Gov. Mitch Daniels proclaimed April as Indiana Safe Digging Month to raise awareness about the importance of residents calling Indiana 811 at least two full working days before digging.

When you make that free call, a professional utility line locator will then visit the dig site to mark the approximate location of underground utility lines with paint or flags. Once a site has been accurately marked, it is safe to begin digging carefully around the marked areas.

A lot of gardeners and contractors have already been digging due to the warm weather we've had this year - hopefully they did the safe thing and called the 811 number. If you are just beginning a garden or going to plant a tree or whatever, make the call before getting out the shovel. Play it safe!