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Tailing the Komets

Ha ha ha ha!

A couple of weeks ago on Sound-Off, Colin Chaulk called out Kaleigh Schrock for supposedly having his mother always do his laundry. Momma Balboa responded with this memo, which you can read in the first comment. Too funny!


Blake Sebring
Wed, 04/11/2012 - 2:25pm




To:  Lincoln Kaleigh Schrock


From: “Moma Balboa”


Re: Laundry


I know, it was embarrassing when “Sound Off” and your Captain, Colin Chalk made fun of you about your Momma doing your laundry—Sometimes you just have to listen to the wisdom of others to be successful!


In all honesty—they need to know you have only brought your laundry home a couple of times since you left home 6 ½  years ago. No telling who did it for you during that time or if it was done at all.


BUT—you bringing home 40 lbs. of dirty clothes and putting it all in one load yesterday while we were watching Baseball, was a little much, on both on the washer and dryer. Let me explain again—I’ve given you lesson’s on this before, as well as all those rolls of quarters to use when you were away at school!


 (You used them for video games and food didn’t you?)


I think this will be a better way to communicate to you:


How Doing Laundry is Like Playing Hockey


Sorting and Loading:


·         Understand the System. Each coach and team has their particular process. So do washers and dryers—read the instructions under the doors!


·         Figure out the strategy for each game—or load of dirty clothes


·         Sort Colors—Home team: White   Away team: colors


·         Sort out weights—Delicate (Skilled Players), Dress shirts and lightweight fabrics


·          Medium (Offensive/Defense ) Colored  T-Shirts and sportswear, sheets and bedding.


·         Heavy Fighters and anyone over 205 lbs. or 6’2”. Towels, rags, rugs, dirty athletic socks!


·         Keep colors sorted with any of the above choices.


·         For Coach, Refs, Owners—go for the delicate cycle, could give you points! If you are in trouble be sure to “Hand Wash Only”


·         Turn your favorite T-Shirts and Jerseys inside out before washing and drying—this keeps the lettering from fading and falling off. It’s like being in a fight and pulling the guy’s jersey over his head—works every time.




·         You are a Hockey player—be sure to use stain removers on the inside collars, cuffs and under the arms of your shirts and T-Shirts. Always pre-soak your socks!


·         For the fighters and tough players—use Bleach!


·         Pre-Soak for the “Chippers & Agitators”


·         Stain Removers for those you draw penalties on


·         Febreze for when faking it! J


Some Extra Reminders:


·         Remember that any time in the game you may have to go back to the initial strategy—Things may not be clean enough or dry enough—re-wash or hang out to dry! (I like” hanging them out to dry” as long as it’s the other team)


·         When using the dryer REMBER to SORT AGAIN:  You clothes are like your fan interests: some low, medium and high. Treat them accordingly—putting them all together can create CHAOS.


Good Luck in the Play-Offs!


Love Mom




Gary Schaber
Thu, 04/12/2012 - 12:08am

Love this,I could've used advice like this at one time in my life,and will probably need it again someday.

Thu, 04/12/2012 - 11:49am

Momma Balboa is the best!