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Tailing the Komets

Nick is starting in goal tonight.


Wed, 04/18/2012 - 6:30pm

I think he will play a lot better tonight. ITS GO TIME!



Blake Sebring
Wed, 04/18/2012 - 6:35pm

Beautiful area here and fantastic rink. It's about 80 degrees outside, but all the women are walking in with blankets. They keep the building rather chilly and the PA is set at ACDC concert level. I had to lean over to yell a question to Justin, and not just because I wanted to. Just saw Bob take his hearing aids out. (KIDDING!)

Seems strange to see the orange jersey Komets playing against a background of orange seats and jerseys in the stands.

Nick looks sharp in warm-ups.

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 7:09pm

Anyone else having trouble with the CHLtv sound?

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 7:27pm

I gave up on the sound...fades in and then garbled...got Chase calling it even though the play is behind him

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 7:35pm

It's back on now...