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Tailing the Komets

The non-goal

Replay showed Colin Chaulk scored late in the second period, but there was an odd event that happened. Rapid City defenseman Michael Couch got knocked down on the back of the goal before the shot went in. The shot bounced off Couch's backside and out of the net where the Komets put it in again. Now, because Couch was situated against the back of the net the way he was, there was no way the goal judge or the referee could see the puck inside the net to confirm it from either angle. Couch was blocking their view.

We've had no official ruling on why the goal was ruled off, however.


Matt Allen
Thu, 04/05/2012 - 11:40am

You have to blame this one on the ref. If you saw the replay you see the puck on the right leg of the goalie. A Komets player puts the puck in completely past the line. The RC goalie then kicks it back out to his right outside of the net. The thing to take note of is the players  all saw the puck go in the first time and stopped (both teams) because they thought It was a goal. Then the Komets guy put the puck in because the ref never blew the whistle. So here are our teaching points for today. 1- You always play until you hear the whistle. 2- CHL refs need work, That ref was (A) out of position to make the call (B) never blew the whistle to stop play or pointed to the goal signaling the puck had crossed the line.