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Opening Arguments

The big smokeout

Oh, come on now, you can't say you didn't see this coming:

Greenbelt Homes Inc., a cooperative that owns about 1,600 row houses in historic Greenbelt, is considering a rule that would allow residents to ban smoking in the properties if all of those living in a row of four to five homes are in agreement.

The ban would then be written into their mutual ownership contract, a document that outlines what members can and cannot do to their homes.

[. . .]

The co-op home ownership arrangement is different than traditional models of homeownership, Ralph said.

“You own your membership in the co-op, not your home,” Ralph said. “Each member has one-sixteen-hundredths of ownership in the whole co-op.”

[. . .]

“Co-op living is not for everyone,” Ready said. “We do have a say about what our neighbors next door do in their homes.”

In their own homes. Of course, the neighborhood fascists would say it's not completely people's own homes because when they buy they are are entering into a mutually agreed on set of rules. Sometimes I think these private groups like homeowners associations and cooperatives are worse than governments. Their rules are often more artibrary and capricious, and usually there isn't even an appeal process. Put down that can of red paint, mister, this is a blue house zone and don't you forget it!

"Co-op living is not for everyone." No kidding -- count me the hell out. Conservative extremists need not apply -- only you nonpartisan pgragmatists are gonna be happy there. Libertarians will be shot at sunrise.