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Tailing the Komets

Boucher on surgery

``I'm still disappointed. I have no problem having htis done, I just wish it was May.


``There's been a little bit of a relief factor involved in making the deicsion. I had resolved myself to try to do another year like I had been, but (Komets trainer Shawn Dundon) and David were pretty adamant. Shawn felt like I was on borrowed time and I understand where they are coming from.  Something like this doesn't get any better, it gets worse with time.


``I don't want to have this surgery. It's not like I'm just looking to collect a comp check. I"ve been putting this off and I think they appreciate that. I['m not just looking to get a check in the summertime like some guys because all of a sudden at the end of the year they are banged up.

``When I first came to Fort Wayne it was a bad time to be a goalie and it hasn't gotten any better at all with all the teams contracting. It's not like where a team needs even or eight defensemen, they only need two. You can be a very good goalie and not have a job so there are so many goalies out there it's not a good time ot be a goalie.


``Organzation has treated me like one of its own. They seem to be worried about my welfare after hockey, and I totally respect that. They've been great to me.''