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Tailing the Komets

Franke on Boucher

``This doesn't surprise us a bit. We've been aware of all of this for the last couple of months. I think it's something Nick has to do. He's going to help us out in training camp either on the ice or in the stands watching players and the goalies, working with Al. He'll be the eye in the sky in the press box like Gary (Graham) was last year. His surgery and rehab will be here. He's still going ot be part of the club and we'll address his playing situation when the time comes.


``He'll have time to get ready. We'll get a better insight after the doctor gets in there and does the surgery and sees if there's anything else going on in there.


``I thik this surgery will make him pain free and it will increase his mobility and I think this could even extend his career. I don't think this signals the end of the road for Nick. If he wants to continue playing this is going to be more of an option for him. I don't think this is the end of the line for him.''


The Komets are not putting any kind of a timeline on his recovery until after the surgery.


Franke said the Komets have spoken to Missouri goaltender Charlie Effinger, but have not spoken to Texas goaltender Mark Guggenberger. As for Effinger, Franke said, ``We'll just have to see if we talk to him again.''


The one great positive is that there are tons of goalies available. Each year, NHL teams are looking to play top goaltending prospects in the ECHL. 


``The number of players who are available.... I've got a stack that I can't even put a big paper clip on it. There are tons.''


Fri, 07/13/2012 - 9:45am

One thing for sure is that the goaltending in the ECHL is better than the CHL for sure. Your point about the NHL sending down a goalie is more the rule than not. Why have your #2 AHL sit the bench when he can play every day in the ECHL. If you want to look at something look at the stats of ECHL goalie and the CHL goalie. GAA, S%, and shots that should tell you something.