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Opening Arguments

This is one for the records

The Indiana gubernatorial race is getting downright ugly, and someone should tell the candidates to cut it out:

Indiana Republicans opened a line of attack on Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg on Tuesday with the argument that he spent too much of the state's money during his time in the General Assembly.

[. . .]

Holcomb accused Gregg of signing off on budgets that were "out of control" and relying on "gimmicks" to balance them. For their part, Democrats have accused Pence of avoiding an "extremist" record he built in Washington, although they have avoided talk about his fiscal proposals, like a proposed cut in the federal corporate gains tax.

"We welcome a discussion of John's Indiana record versus Congressman Pence's 12 years in Washington," Gregg spokesman Daniel Altman said in a statement.

Do you grasp what's going on here? They are campaigning on each other's records in elective public office. Isn't that the most preposterous thing you ever heard of? What if it catches on? As long as they're wasting our time with such nonsense, we won't get to find out who was a bully in fifth grade, who smoked pot in high school, who said mean things to his aunt, who has a cousin that got arrested once in 1972, who wasn't watching the cat when it jumped on the table and knocked supper all over the floor.


tim zank
Wed, 07/25/2012 - 9:41am

Refreshing change of pace isn't it?