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Tailing the Komets

Henley: No difference between CHL and ECHL


Phil Chifley
Wed, 08/01/2012 - 11:55pm

I got to ECHL games over the years off and on and last year i was watching Vegas and Utah go at it and it was the first time i thought that there was no difference between the ECHL and the CHL-IHL-UHL. Prior to that i noticed a little difference with size and speed, but i concur, the attrition of teams has leveled off AA hockey.

This years team is looking nice on paper, i just hope with the new guys they can fit into the system and not have that All star syndrome, we have brought in some pretty good players, i hope they gel and do really good.

Schebig really has a bad foot odor problem i think because he is involved in hockey

Thu, 08/02/2012 - 8:39am

Whle I agree if you are good enough to play in the CHL you can make it in the ECHL, I do see a difference in the way the games are called. This might be becuase it was the finals I was watching in K-Zoo, but there seemed to be a lot more clutching and holding going on that didn't get called. Also they seemed to hit much more, but again, this was the finals.


I am looking foward to the team that is getting put together. I hope everyone will find their role...and we don't have too many cooks in the kitchen...

Thu, 08/02/2012 - 11:26am

I think the signings of Auger and Rizk are huge.  If Henley stays healthy he will be a terrific signing also. So before I go any further I want to thank the Franke's for the team they have put together.

My hope was, somehow, to include Vaskivuo and DeAngelis into the group also.  I have given up on Vaskivuo and my gut instinct tells me DeAngelis is not interested in returning and hence, will not be back.

So from where I see it, the Komets have put in place their "core" group of players along with the very nice signings of Marino and Giosa.  The foundation has been laid and now the most speculative part of putting a team on the ice begins.  That is matching up "needs" with youngsters out of college and junior leagues.

I would submit that probably 80% of their future announcements will come from players entering their first pro season. 

The Komets still need help in all areas ( except goaltending if Bridgeport sends Reiter here).  They have something like 10-11 more roster spots open for training camp and they will need to find at least four more defensemen and three more forwards for camp. Probably more than that as I bet we find at least one more goaltender in camp. 

I love the Franke's and applaud them, but I fear this may be their weakest area.  Aside from Rizk ( last year from a recomendation from Puhalski) and Schrock ( home town boy) and maybe Molle ( but did he sign here to play with his brother?) how many first year pros have come to camp and stuck?

This team already has a chance to be 'special".  But to become "special", it is going to have to be dotted with guys who can come in and produce.  And therein lies the next hurdle. 

Each player brought in will have to possess speed and some other hockey asset.  Maybe it's size, toughness, scoring ability, ( fill in your own thought).  I'm sure they have done their homework, but still, this area isn't an exact science.  They have to have studied, talked to Coaches, make intelligent decisions, and still have to be a little lucky, while fitting it all under the salary cap.

Thanks, front office, for the great work done so far.  But now I think the really hard work begins.




Thu, 08/02/2012 - 11:43am

I agree with you Alan.

The only thing you left out was names like Thorne (in my opinion the one of the best defensive forwards we had last year), DeAngelis, and D Molle.
I want Thorne back in a Komets uniform. He deserves it in my opinion. For DeAngelis I bet it is more of psychological thing. Can he go higher with following Komets to the echl, or can he somewhere else? For him it is more of a choice to make a better hockey career for himself. Komets players in the past have been known to stay here for a good amount of time, but the echl could change that.

Thu, 08/02/2012 - 1:08pm

With all do respect, how does Phil know anything about my feet? Unless he has been hanging around with Burgee! I just saw my foot doctor and he didn't complain at all! I can assure everyone setting down on the ice only makes your feet cold!