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Tailing the Komets

Recruiting Reiter: Komets started long before summer


Fri, 08/24/2012 - 10:25am

That was a great story.  I love reading about stuff like that and to ponder the many ways of how Fort Wayne attracts players.

Approximately one year ago the Komets were interested in a guy named Stanislov Dzakhov.  You may recall that they wanted him to come to camp but were thwarted by a CHL rule concerning his young age.  I believe he decided to go back to juniors (USHL?) for one more year.  The K's seemed pretty high on him at the time, and I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Komets have spoken to him this season?

Fri, 08/24/2012 - 4:05pm

Alan, his stats were horrible from last year.


Great article.  I am definitely excited about two new goalies this year.


Fri, 08/24/2012 - 9:34pm

Really good story. Its great to see how sometimes players become available to you in unconventional ways. I am wondering though what happens if Kenny Reiter happens to make the Bridgeport team. Do the Komets have a backup plan? While they are hard at work finding D-men, I would hate to see them trrying to find a backup goalie at last minute.


Sun, 08/26/2012 - 9:20am

Thanks for the information, Hursttech.  I appreciate it.

Sun, 08/26/2012 - 2:29pm

NYI is deep in goalie prospects from what I have been told...  Sounds like a very good chance he will be assigned to Ft. Wayne...

Matt Allen
Mon, 08/27/2012 - 8:43am

Dzakhov play Jr (USHL Fargo Force) last year this is a note from two weeks ago about him.

The nearby Bismarck Bobcats (NAHL) selected Stanislav Dzakhov with the 141st overall pick in the draft. It was a rollercoaster season for Dzakhov, who came to the Force after putting up unbelievable numbers in the GMHL in Canada.

Dzakhov scored nine times and totaled 15 points in 44 regular season games. Six of those goals came on the power play. Dzakhov spent time replacing players on the top two lines, he spent time on the bottom two lines, and he spent time as a healthy scratch during the 2011-12 campaign.

Mon, 08/27/2012 - 12:39pm

Eighteen days since the last announcement of player signings.  September begins this weekend and I would think that we certainly should hear something soon.  Fifteen players signed so far with the possibility of Reiter coming also. 

My friend jack called this morning and asked a darn good question.  If you were a young goaltender and the Komets wanted you to come to camp, would you?  Knowing that Effinger and Reiter will be the two the Komets would keep, why would you take a chance like that?  Pretty good question.

There is no way for me to know for sure but I feel the Komets are going to wait for DeAngelis to make his decision prior to any more announcements.  There are plenty of opportunities for him, but I feel if he were going to go to Europe he would have left by now.

Just a guess and have no idea who they may already have signed and not announced, but I feel the K's need to sign another goaltender, 6 defensemen, and 4 forwards. 


Mon, 08/27/2012 - 6:19pm

If you were a young goaltender and the Komets wanted you to come to camp, would you?


For the same reason our guys want an AHL invite.  The K's 3rd goalie will probably be an invite from the Southern Professional Hockey League.  So he will be a young goalie with a signed SPHL contract and join the Komets camp to gain exposure and experience with higher talent.   It would be the same reason Jordan Chong (SPHL Co-Rookie of the year) accepted an invite with the Komets but also signed with Pensacola (single A) for the 2012-13 season.

I believe the camps for the minor league hockey are staggered for the different levels.  AHL camps are at the end of September with the AA camps the first week in October and the single A camps are in the second week of October.  So if you would get cut from the tryout camp you are on schedule with your originally signed contracted team at the start of their camp or close to the start of their camp.

My question would be if you were a young goaltender and the Komets wanted you to come to camp, why wouldn't you?






Tue, 08/28/2012 - 5:29am

@KometKrazy - I don't remember exactly when it was posted, but I do remember a post on here a month or two back where one of the Franke's said they had a resume stack about three inches thick just of potential goalies. I'm willing to bet your mother-in-law's house that they've been in contact with a number of them as a contingency in case Reiter does happen to catch on in Bridgeport. (no offense meant to your mother-in-law at all)

Tue, 08/28/2012 - 10:02am

I was thinking more in line of a collegiate goaltender, not someone from the SPHL.  However , hursttech, your thought was a very valid one and I can see that happening.  Thanks for sharing.

I may be wrong Chuckapuck, but I thought that stack of player resumes included all positions, not just goaltenders.  In fact I thought I'd read where Franke said there were so many players he could start in the middle of August and put together a pretty good team.  Something like that, anyway.

Speaking of that, it's been so long since we've heard anything I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to call or visit the office just to make sure everyone is still OK?

Tue, 08/28/2012 - 1:34pm

Alan, you're right. It was a story on Boucher's surgery, so I guess in my mind it was referring to goalies. Just went to Page 3 of the blog and found the reference...


(from 7/12 - "Komets shouldn't rush goaltender search"): "Komets General Manager David Franke said he has a stack of player resumes so thick, he can't even get an extra-large paperclip around them. He probably needs to start a second pile strictly for goaltenders because he'll get just as many resumes and calls next week."

Tue, 08/28/2012 - 2:36pm

@chuckapuck, no offense taken. She lives in a mobile home so there wouldn't be much to bet anyway. Besides, despite the fact she's a pastor's wife, she loves hockey. She's a HUGE Penguins fans. She would probably be thrilled that she was referenced in a hockey blog. And I too am kinda wondering about the lack of announcements the last almost 3 weeks. Maybe they are waiting on Frankie before they do anything else. I'm sure he has a tough decision to make. I know what it is but can't say. But even though there are 45 days until the season starts, there are are only 45 days until the season starts. And I'm guessing there are about 30 or less days until training camp. They still need about 10 players invited to make it a competitive camp and maybe find some diamonds in the rough like they found last year. I am guessing we will probably get a flurry of signings here in the next week or 2. I hope so. I need something to feed my hockey fix. I'm starving.