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Tailing the Komets

So what do y ou think?

Is the deal with Anaheim a good one or not? I know it's tough to tell without knowing who the bodies coming this way will be, but what's your gut reaction?

Myself, I was shocked that the Frankes flipped on this one to get an affiliation. Then I saw the names of the team management involved and it made some sense. I think both sides are going to be feeling their way through this one this season.

So far, this entire offseason has gone backwards of what the Komets usually do. They usually go after the veterans first, and this year they signed their top kids first, then the vets and now an affiliation. It seems to have worked out so far, and I'm a little shocked they didn't lose more players to other ECHL teams since they couldn't protect anyone. Except for Bryant Molle, you'd think other ECHL teams would be willing to pay for proven winners and might have made a few more serious attempts.

I look at a guy like JM Rizk who I think is going to really be valuable for this affiliation because he can go up and play a role and hold his own in whatever the team needs. Same with Daniel Maggio. In any other year without an NHL lockout, I think he'd be a strong candidate to make Chicago. He still might.

If you think about the changes the Komets' management has made over the last year or so --  releasing veterans, only bringing back seven and possibly eight players from a title team and now getting an affiliation -- those are pretty drastic for them.


Thu, 08/30/2012 - 6:24pm

I am glad that the Ks have an affiliation, but I am not sure that Anaheim is the right team.  I was hoping for Toronto as they have a history of strong support of its ECHL affiliate.  It is my understanding that they will not be back in Reading this year and I was hoping that they would wind up in the Fort.  The Marlies have signed several players to AHL contracts and with the NHL situation they may wind up in the ECHL.  Of course, I am shocked that the Frankes actually came to a common sense solution, even if they messed it up by selecting the wrong team. 

Fri, 08/31/2012 - 2:10pm

Blake, I guess that I, also, am a little surprised by this.   This has been a strange off season in terms of the Franke's efforts to put a team together.  Usually they begin by building their team from the goaltending and defense first.  Not this year.  Not that I'm questioning them.  Just as mightbite loves fighters, I love having snipers.  If those who are invited to Norfolk come back, this team has some goal scorers!!

If becoming affiliated was the Franke's goal all along, they really hid it well.  For an organization that espouses having control of its roster, this is and will be a drastic change for them, the players, and the fans.  There are countless reasons why this can be a good thing for the franchise.  Players, agents, the ability to compete for talent on a level playing field may mean a larger degree of competitive balance between the club and the other affiliated members of the ECHL.

Competitive balance may be a draw back also.  All it would take to trip this up would be late season call ups that could decimate the team in its quest for a league or playoff championship.  Don't anyone scoff.  It has happened many times before.  I'm not all that faithful that there is an understanding not to raid the team and to make sure the roster stays competitive if players are needed by Anaheim from Norfolk, and to Norfolk from Fort Wayne.  This is a business of winning for Anaheim and developing for Norfolk.  They will do what they need to do.  Saying this, I realize the reverse can hold true also.  If Norfolk does not qualify for the pla offs, some AHL strength players may come to Fort Wayne to join up for a playoff push.  I don't know, and not knowing gives me pause when I try to think this out.

One thing I do know and remember well is how long and the circumstances that finally brought Syro back from Norfolk to the Komets a few years ago.  He was just one of a bunch of extra players on their roster, who hardly dressed and played, yet they wouldn't send back.  It was Norfolk, though at that time they were part of the Lightning organization.  Most likely the people have all changed, yet I can't quite get past it.

Along with my apprehensions, we are faced with an NHL lockout and no one really knows how this might affect everything.  (Personally I think if the lockout occurs it will help the K's).

We'll see how this all works out.  On another note...

I was surprised that the decision that Frankie DeAngelis is struggling to make is between signing with the K's or deciding to retire.  I have assumed all along that he was entertaining other offers from other teams.  It doesn't change my mind about him, but I'm wondering if he just shouldn't retire.  By entertaining the idea of retiring tells me his heart just isn't in to hockey anymore.  I want a player who is 100% and at the first sign of adversity will not question if he had made the correct decision.

And still on another note not related to hockey....

Many of you may know I'm a Cincinnati Bengals fan.  Needless to say I was disappointed with the game against the Colts last evening.  Yea, I know it was just an exhibition game.  Still, I was really rooting for Chandler Harnish to do well. I hope the Colts keeep him.  Odd thing.  The Colts had the first pick in the draft (Andrew Luck) and the final pick in the draft (Chandler Harnish).  I'm not sure in NFL history that a team picked a player first, and last at the same position.  Might be a good trivia question in about twenty years.