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Tailing the Komets


* Komets General Manager David Franke told me today he has put a Thursday deadline on Frankie DeAngelis to make a decision about next season. If DeAngelis decides he isn't coming back?

We're working on a couple of other guys,'' Franke said. ``I'm just kind of holding off here to see what Frankie does tomorrow. I know that there's going to be some players available through Anaheim and Norfolk. There will also be other teams out there to place players because not everybody has an ECHL affiliate.

``We'll have plenty of guys to choose from. Even if Frankie doesn't come in, we'll work as hard as we can to find a replacement. We have some guys here already who have some offense to their game. I know there will be players available from AHL camps.''

Still the Komets would prefer to have the three-time all-star return.

* Nick Boucher is having his other hip operated on next Thursday and hopes to be able to play this season. In the best case, he could be able to skate in two months and put on the pads in three to begin training.

``I'm completely off the crutches and been weight bearing since last Sunday,'' Boucher said. ``I feel really good. I was supposed to wean off crutches for about a week but by Day 3 I was ready. There was some soreness in my calf from not being used, but that's long gone now. I feel pretty normal right now.''

Franke said he has to prepare the team as if Boucher is not going to be able to play this season, though he's encouraging Boucher to have the surgery.

* Goaltender Charlie Effinger is going to training camp with Grand Rapids of the AHL. That's along with Daniel Maggio going to Chicago, Brandon Marino, J.M. Rizk and Chris Auger going to Norfolk.

* That means neither Effinger or Kenny Reiter will be in Fort Wayne when training camp starts Sept. 28.

* Former Komet Dustin Molle is going to training camp with Alaska of the ECHL, Franke said.


Wed, 09/05/2012 - 9:43pm

So for beginning of training camp are they going to have Saalfrank and Duffus in goal? Just a thought so the players aren't shooting at open goals.

Wed, 09/05/2012 - 11:00pm

Ryan Potts will step in. Kk, you're a little over the top. If you're worried about unprofessionalism and procrastinating, go read the CHL blogs. Frankes, regardless if I'm for or against, they are way ahead of your comments. They have respect for their players and this one in particular. I respect that and nothing I can do about it.

Thu, 09/06/2012 - 6:42am

No I was actually just thinking of a way that would help the team in training camp. I would think it would be helpful to have a couple of goalies in there just to fill in until Reiter and Effinger get to camp. No unprofessionalism intended. Saalfrank and Duffus have helped the team in the past. If the Frankes have some other goalies coming in fine. I am sure they are ahead of the game. But please don't read a post and take it one way when it could mean another.


Thu, 09/06/2012 - 11:09am

Welcome to the ECHL world.

As it stands now there is a good possibility that the Komets open training camp without a goaltender.  ( That is, a goaltender they are counting on to play as a regular throughout the season). 

The role of the ECHL is to develop players.  We knew that going in and need to accept it.  Effinger, Maggio, Marino, Rizk, Auger, Reiter, and maybe DeAngelis will not be here when the Komets open their own camp.  That slices a deep hole in the "team" from the start, but maybe is a testament of the talent on the roster.  Speaking of DeAngelis...

Under the thread "Franke: We're working on some things", my second post dated 8/29/12 seems to have been pretty close to being right on target.  I missed the deadline by two days.  My thoughts on DeAngelis are there and they haven't changed at all.

The Franke's were very proactive earlier when putting this roster together.  Good for them!!  Now I feel ( and fear) they are letting DeAngelis determine the next move. Thinking that everything will be OK because "we'll have plenty of guys to choose from" doesn't make me feel any better.  No one can guarantee who will be available and who won't.  Having training camp exactly the same time as the AHL also complicates things a little. That can't be helped as all ECHL teams have no say in the matter.

The Komets do have a say in this, however.  If DeAngelis hasn't given them an answer by 5pm today, then they must assume his answer is "no", and move on.

Like I wrote, "welcome to the ECHL world".