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Tailing the Komets

Wings Stadium renovations

Wings Stadium, which is also home to "The Annex" and "The Cube", announces the largest renovation in the facility’s 39-year history.

The massive project will be completed by the Kalamazoo Wings 2012-13 home opener on Friday, October 19th.

“All of our upgrades have one underlying goal, to provide all of our guests with the ultimate experience,” said Stadium Management Company (SMC) and K-Wings General Manager,Jim Burlew. “This is the single most significant thing to happen to Wings Stadium since the doors opened back in 1974. These renovations are a vital step in keeping Wings Stadium the top entertainment destination in southwest Michigan.”

Highlighting the renovation is a spectacular 40 foot-by-12.5 foot full digital video board that will be capable of instant replay plus new fun and exciting promotions that provide for full fan interaction and enjoyment.

"Wings Stadium has never had a video board before. This means that every K-Wings game along with many other events now become a fun and exciting entertainment event, in other words, we're now producing a show," Burlew commented.

SMC hired one of North America's top consulting firms, Total Sports Entertainment (TSE), to design and integrate the video board as well as the myriad of additional video and sound enhancements fans will see throughout the complex. To further enhance the entertainment experience, TSE will be producing a custom show for SMC events utilizing an eight-camera shoot using ESPN television quality cameras and equipment

SMC’s new digital video board, which weighs in at almost 15,000 pounds, will replace the existing 3,000 pound, 12 foot-by-12-foot scoreboard that has been utilized at the stadium since 2004.

Accompanying the state-of-the-art video board, will be a new sound system custom designed and installed by TSE that will significantly improve the patron entertainment experience through the rich sound of vibrant and exhilarating music along with crystal clear public address announcements.  In addition, The Annex is receiving a total sound upgrade for the first time since it was built in 1989.

Wings Stadium is also installing a slew of 46-inch digital monitors in each tunnel leading from the arena seating bowl to the concourse creating a “ribbon board” that will add to the overall fun and excitement, showcase advertisers and celebrate K-Wings goals like never before.

The renovations and changes focusing on the ultimate fan entertainment experience do not stop there.  Customers will also be able to enjoy more food options at Wings Stadium concessions. New signature items, such as K-Wings chicken wings, cheese steaks, foot long hot dogs and funnel cakes will accompany the fan favorite items that guests have come to love over the years.  Plus, SMC Food & Beverage is installing state-of-the-art draft beer and soda dispensing lines that will quickly deliver ice cold beverages to our patrons.

The first improvements patrons will notice when they walk in will be a bright, inviting lobby and concourse featuring a fresh new paint scheme and exciting new flooring. The "ice white paint" and "true blue" boarder will be further emphasized by bright new lighting. The fun and vibrant new blue and white "Resinous Epoxy Vinyl Flake Floor" will replace the carpet in the main lobby and throughout the entire concourse.  This bold new look will enhance customer enjoyment and their overall event experience.

Giving guests even more to enjoy and experience will be new digital video monitors and a vastly improved speaker system throughout the concourse.  Fans will now be able to be a part of the show and the action even when mingling with family and friends in the concourse or heading to a concession stand for one of the new food items on the menu.

This is a digital age and most fans are now staying connected during sporting and entertainment events. SMC internet upgrades will also be made to meet and exceed these digital expectations, as well as to enhance fan engagement, interaction and their overall experience during all events.


Wed, 09/19/2012 - 11:04am

Exciting news?  I live in Fort Wayne.  Maybe we'll get an update when kalamazoo updates their sewer system.

Jack, if your reading this, this is a great example of what you said the other day and how things have come to a stop in Kometland.

It's not Blake's fault.  He just doesn't have anything significant to report on the K's.

I wish David Franke would give Blake an interview explaining where he thinks the Komets are in regard to the lockout and their roster.

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 11:18am

The only thing not mentioned in the list of renovations is more comfortable seating.

Having said that, I'm glad to see that SMC is making these upgrades to their arena.

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 12:26pm

Alan, I live in Dublin, OH, and I'm excited about these upgrades. I'm a Komets fan first and foremost, but I also love going to Wings Stadium when my schedule permits, and it's pretty neat that they're upgrading the facilities there. I'd heard some scuttlebutt about a potential downtown arena in K-zoo, but if that doesn't come to fruition it sounds like this will more than suffice.

Blake Sebring
Wed, 09/19/2012 - 1:03pm

Alan, there are going to be so many roster changes this year, such constant chaos with guys going back and forth and such, you may end up with some serious health problems. I'm not joking, either. Wer'e likely going to see more roster moves than ever before this season. You better learn to pace yourself because it's never going to settle down.

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 1:18pm
alan, sometimes your negative comments make you seem kinda ignorant and i hope thats not the case.  this is an important story cause many people  in this town make many trips to the zoo to see hockey and other events.  my wife and i both graduated from western michigan university so we enjoy this news as kazoo is our home away from home and we know many people here in town who are from michigan and they also love to go to wings stadium.  you need to think before you make wild comments. and unlike fort wayne, kalamazoo doesnt need a new sewer system!  lol  zzZYBB  SORRY THIS IS BOLD I DONT KNOW HOW TO STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed, 09/19/2012 - 2:51pm

Sorry for any heartache I may have caused regarding my Kalamazoo statement.  I never would have guessed a shot at Kalamazoo ( regarding anything) would elicit such responses.  ( We are talking about the same Kalamazoo aren't we?  You know, the one Tyler Willis made popular with the Wings and all).

The reason I even mentioned it at all was it had been so long regarding any Komet news it seemed odd to me that this story would be posted.  Cohn didn't mention it, although that doesn't prove much.  ( Of course, then ironically, the Komets announce the signing of ten players a couple hours later).  Timing is everything in life.

Chuckitt, thanks for your post.  I can see where you may have thought it was negative.  I hate that because I try very hard to be positive about stuff.  I will have to try harder.  By the way, I'm not sure a person can be kinda ignorant.  You either are ignorant or not ignorant. Regardless I got your point.  I am glad to hear Kalamazoo has such a good sewer system.  I wish Fort wayne did.  Here's a funny story.  Years ago some Toledo fans were sittting near me and one had a sign that read "Toledo's sh*t flows down to Fort Wayne."  He wasn't very happy when I explained the Maumee River starts in Fort Wayne and flows north into Toledo.  He left his seat and I never saw him again.

Yea Blake, I'm sure this will be a transaction filled season.  New league hampered at the start by a lockout.  I will do my best to try to handle it all.

I wonder if anyone else wants to share any stories about opposing fans in Fort Wayne?

Let's get this season going.

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 5:31pm

I love going to Kazoo for games. I think they had the best concession for a number of years.

It will be fun going again. There is not a bad seat in that barn. I have always got along with Kazoo's fan very well. they know the game and how it should be played. They don't know how to count shots on goal but that is another issue.

I see players going in and out of the "Fort" like PTC bus transfers. Fast & Furious! There could be a record number of players for the whole season. I am ready lets get it on!

Thu, 09/20/2012 - 2:41pm

How about we attack the opinion and not the person giving it??? I thought that was frowned upon these days?

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 4:26pm

wasnt attacking alan cause i enjoy his posts and knowledge its just that sometimes we all need to think before we make a statement.  i personally love kalamazoo but hate the wings! it will be great to renew the rivalry  now if only indy got its sh.. together................