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Tailing the Komets

Komets' trips to penalty box are getting sinful


Mon, 11/19/2012 - 3:27pm

While pondering the events of the past week or so, I too have a few opinions on the recent play.

Nothing seems to be going to plan.  Can't score, can't stop opposing teams from scoring, no power play, no penalty kill, no teamwork, lots of penalties, and no wins but lots of frustration. I wonder what is going on in the locker room? 

So why don't we list some positives.

First, Christmas is coming and all the "veteran' bloggers know that everything will change for the better then.  ( Veteran bloggers are those who have been a regular on this site for three to four years.  We are called "veterans" because like the ECHL, there are only about four who still comment). There were times when, on a particular thread, there would be up to three pages of comments.  Want proof?  Go to the archives and look up Nov. 15th 2011.  Lots of names of people who were regulars and now they have just faded away.  I believe they still read. 

Secondly, because Christmas is coming, the Komets have handed out three little losses to their best playmates.  Kalamazoo, Toledo, and Evansville  received the presents.  One loss apiece in the past three games.  Don't want to play favorites to the only teams they seem to play in this league.  Oops, forgot about Gwinnett, but they also exchanged gifts of a game a few weeks ago, so everything is fine.

Colin Chaulk has scored a goal for kalamazoo and Fort wayne during these games, so he's doing his part.  Kaleigh Shrock had four teeth pulled but Daniel Maggio did his best to loosen some Walleye teeth, too. It's a wonderful life.

So don't fret Komet fans.  It is the season of giving.  Just getting an early start is all.  Probably after Christmas this team will start peaking.  But not until after Christmas because you know what Santa says. "No Peeking"!!

Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday to all of you.  Remember to give thanks for everything we've been blessed with.  ( Even the losses).  Lots of minor league cities wish they still had a team to cheer and complain about.  (Thinking about it, so do the major league cities)!



Primeval Forest Primate (Formerly JM)
Tue, 11/20/2012 - 9:38am

You know Alan, there was a rather large deal made of the fact that certain bloggers ruled the roost around here a year ago. They were compared to bullies, and it was said that droves of people were afraid to post to this blog because that "vocal minority" would run them off. Some of that group just stopped posting, a couple were banned. In the time since I've seen no movement from this alleged camp of scared on-lookers to post anything. There used to be threads here with hundreds of replies. Not all were popular, not each and every one appealed to all people. The key was, there were views that didn't tow the company line. It made people look outside the box. Now the blog has dwindled and those "unpopular" opinions aren't here, but not much else is. During road games people used to interact and discuss the game in progress. I guess when all are in agreement with the topic, little discussion needs to take place.  

I think the likes of JungleMonkey, HitSomebody, GameMisconduct, JR,BlueLine Baby, RunningKomet, MightBite, Chaulker......etc, brought a certain amount of fun to the blog. Did it get a little carried away from time to time? Maybe. It's good to know that one of the leftover bloggers misses some of us and our opinions. 

Tue, 11/20/2012 - 12:13pm

JM. I'm with you 100%.  You listed quite a few ex-bloggers who contributed regularly.  For the sake of forgetting and leaving some out, I would add to your list Wendy,  Snuff, and JerseyGirl.  Now understand this,  I always didn't agree with what everyone posted, but if they didn't attack people personally, who am I to judge?

My own personal rule is to use logic to define my thoughts and while attempting that, not to attack anyone.  I welcomed opposing views as sometimes , after rolling them around in my mind a bit, they made sense.  I will always admit when I'm wrong if you can give me facts that back it up.  That is one way of learning.

I suppose there were times when things got a little tense, and some complained to the moderator.  But this is a blog where conversation should be encouraged.  People can disagree without being disagreeable.  ( I think that Blake's insistence that Mightbite e-mail him with a name of a particular player before any player announcements got the ball rolling). Mightbite still does it on Cohn's blog and I enjoy it.  Different blog, different rules, but both owned by the same parent company.  Interesting.

The result is that both blogs are weaker and before anyone comes back and brags about the number of "hits" each receives, those people should realize that everytime I come to this blog to read a thread, the blog recieves one "hit", yet my purpose of coming back to the blog is to read any and all comments.  Those trips result in a hit also.  I'm not reading the story over again, but wanting to read the comments to it.  Those trips back to the blog inflate the totals and it seems to me that encouraging more comments would  be good for the total.

OK, I''ve written enough.  If I'm wrong or right let me know.  If nothing comes back it may be a result of people not caring anymore.  I am of the belief that most ex-bloggers to "Tailing the Komets" are still out there reading.



If you want to read something interesting, go into the archives for November 14, 2011.  The title of the thread is "Where have the scorers gone?"