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Tailing the Komets

Inconsistencies continue to clobber Komets


Mon, 12/24/2012 - 4:41pm

Wow, could not agree more....in fact last week I talked about TEAMWORK and it's lack of existence on this team.  There is no I in Teamwork and it shows, even during their wins.  Strange to see Caputi out with some 10 points I believe in 10 games....not playing the system no doubt....as is his partner Lasch.

Saturday's game showed how the powerplay should be done...man in front blocked Charlie at least twice and he could not see around Slater I believe and boom, puck in over the shoulder on either side....sad to say only a few of these guys are willing to go in front of the net and take the punishment to get the job done....staying on the perimeter is how we play, whether by design or because no one wishes to get beaten up.

Boy do I agree that there should be some guys sitting out (benched)...Thorne...never there, Beauregard-has not done much during the year, even though he started out like a ball of fire; Maggio maybe based on his temper; Henley as well, whether guilty or not seems to be getting many penalties.

Great goalies...sure hope we can keep both...would hate to see who we get if we loose Reiter to Norfolk.

Wow, can we really get rid of some of the players who have been sent down to us, as you say....bye to Caputi and Lasch for sure, they just do not impress me.

Again, sure would have been nice to have Jamie Milan....an excellent offensive defensemen who could handle the point on the powerplay, but alas he left for whatever reason.

Last point - when you can shoot the puck...please do so...my God how many times have we had a clear shot or actually had someone in front of the net and lost the puck due to one to many passes.

Great article...right on....thanks.

Tue, 12/25/2012 - 8:06am

Hmmm, let's see here...  Is it the Norfolk players fault when:

Maggio pinches in and gives the other team an odd man rush?

Henley leaves guys untouched in front of the goalie to easily knock in rebounds or one timer's?

That the Komets put all of their eggs in the Frankie DeAngelis basket waiting too long and now have to start 4 rookies on defense?

The Komets cannot tweek their system even a little to accomodate the players on the roster?

Fans have unrealistic idea's of who Anahiem sends us?

That the fans adored a player like Drouin; but not players like Caputi or Lasch.  Players who play similar styles (offensive)?  Guess its easier to blame players you have no emotional attachment to yet...

That many returning Komets are killing this team with all the dumb penalties they take?

That the Komets have never had a PP style that puts someone in front of the net to screen the goalie?

^Thats all the Norfolk players fault, correct?

Lets look at penalty minutes per game, shall we???

1.  Klotz = 5.12

2.  Maggio = 4.19

3.  Henley = 3.74

4.  Schrock = 3.32

5.  Smith = 1.62

6.  Thorne = 1.45

7.  Brittain = 1.21

8.  Chaulk = 1.16

9.  Butler = 1.14

10. Rizk = 1.04

Those are the top ten for the Komets...  I did a little research and even though Klotz leads the team in PIM's per game, he has only given the opposing team 1 PP opportunity...  So we can disregard him as a problem...  Maggio is tied with Gens for most minors in the league and Henley is right behind them.  That is a problem...and a big one, IMO...  22 of Brittain's 31 penalty minutes came during the stretch where the Komets went 7-2-1....  So, the only players hurting the Komets right now on the penalty front are mainly returning Komets...interesting...


Shall we now look at points per game???

1.  Lasch = 1.25

2.  Marino = 1.14

3.  Caputi = 1.00

4.  Chaulk = 0.89

5.   Giosa = 0.86

6.   Brittain = 0.82

7.   Smith = 0.67

8.   Beauregard = 0.59

9.   Rizk = 0.50

10. Maggio = 0.44

Well, not much to say here except the Norfolk players are holding up their end of the bargain offensively...  I will say that Kenny Reiter averages 0.14 points per game and that is tied with Thorne and just behind Schrock's 0.16.....  Obviously Reiter needs to score more...lol  I would also experiment with Lasch centering Brittain and Caputi on PP's with Butler and Hegarty on point...

I just find it interesting to actually dissect the stats to see where this team stands...

Also, based on how the ECHL breaks ties, the Komets would be in 7th place in the Eastern Conference right now even though they are tied with Trenton and South Carolina in points by virtue of one more regular season win...  It's in the ECHL rules and FAQ's if anyone wants to double check...

Phil Dr Phil MD Chifley
Thu, 12/27/2012 - 1:50am

If you can cut the cancer out you go ahead and make the incision, if you cant cut it out you radiate it for a while.

Both methods can be effective, one is just a little more painful and noticable than the other.

off the post
Thu, 12/27/2012 - 12:27pm

someone needs to blast back to the past.. your assertions are absurb. those players, management , affiliations could care less how a bunch of bloggers or media people evaluate them. i dont recall one article or interview with a current komet whining or complaining. the only thing that has been metioned is that at times some players dont seem interested in playing the system and when that happens the result is not good. same comments came from komet management and no names were mentioned . sometimes the truth hurts, no matter who the player is or what the affiliation is. ever stop and think there is a reason they were sent here in the first place? ill take al's systems and view of the game anytime over a 22 yr old kid . the proof is in the pudding! championships! play the system or find a new place to play.