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Opening Arguments


Well, hell, then, let's send him in to get that fiscal-cliff deal done:

“With Washington so sharply divided along party lines, and with tempers flaring over a fiscal cliff that threatens to send the country back into recession, you might wonder, is there anything in this town that can bring Republicans and Democrats together?” CBS News national correspondent Chip Reid asked in a weekend piece. (See video below.) “The answer is yes: Washington Redskins 22-year old rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, or as he’s known, RGIII. Washington, of course, is all about politics, and it takes a lot to get people to turn their attention to something – or ANYTHING – else. But at the age of 22, Robert Griffin III is doing just that.”

[. . .]

“The guy was a political science major, he knows about politics, he’s clever, he’s smart, he’s funny,” Sally Quinn said in the piece. “It’s what people talk about at dinner parties, it’s what people talk about in the office, and it has united Washington in a way that I have never seen before.”

Obama on a fake play-action pass while Boehner goes long, what do you think? Let Bob Costas do the play-by-play, even if we have to put a gun to his head.