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Tailing the Komets

Rizk-y business and other Komets notes


Wed, 01/09/2013 - 12:17pm

Just went to the Norfolk site to catch a glimpse of their team statistics.  The top five scorers for the team are a combined -44 with none being on the plus side.  Corey Elkins had played 24 games and was a -7!

I'm not a total believer in the plus/minus system but it does serve a purpose.  As good as Corey Elkins has played, (and he's been darn good) something is wrong in Norfolk.  It just can't be bad luck.

I'm not sure what Anaheim wants from their AHL team and prospects, but it sure doesn't sound like defense has a high priority.  That can't be the case and I'd appreciate anyone with the proper hockey knowledge to educate me.

By the way, some ECHL teams are starting to lose their roster somewhat.  What is the Komet plan?  They have to feel like they're walking on a tightrope, not knowing if, when, or who to bring in. 

If you have any answers to the questions above, don't be afraid to treat me like a four year old.  I would like to undertand this better.