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Opening Arguments


The eternal struggle:

Freedom House's annual report on the state of global freedom labels 90 countries as "free" in 2012, increasing by three from the previous year, with 16 countries showing positive gains.

But 27 countries' scores declined, marking the seventh year the report has indicated more declines than gains worldwide.

North Korea, our sworn enemy, and Saudi Arabia, our staunch ally, are both on the "worst of" list. Tricky stuff, geopolitics.

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Harl Delos
Thu, 01/17/2013 - 2:11pm

I can't help thinking the world is going to hell.  Coco Wheats sold themselves to Malt-O-Meal last year, and it's different now, not nearly as good.  I've had my eyes open for Key III chocolate clusters sine moving back to Indiana, and was about ready to drive up to Earth Drive for a case when I found they'd gone pffft.  And there are a million other instances of people paving paradise and putting up parking lots.

But, you know, I've had a hard time finding any era in history when people thought things were going to heaven in a handbasket.  Is it all our imaginations?

I think maybe the best investment in the world would be to buy Longaberger's, and relocate it to Montana. Doesn't "Helena Handbasket, Inc." sound like a company with great potential?