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Tailing the Komets

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Phil KIS Chifley
Mon, 02/18/2013 - 1:10am

Keep it simple.

Play hockey.

One game at a time.

Or, hockey will be over, in Fort Wayne, before March ends for the first time ever. (At least in the modern era).

Mon, 02/18/2013 - 7:25am

I think we have to admit to ourselves that a good portion of this roster is not good enough for this level.

K's management has to decide if its the talent, the system, or a combination of the two and make the appropriate changes. 

The Komets currently have 5 vets and at least 3-4 more who will be veterans next season.  Obviously, you can only play with 4, so changes are coming whether we like it or not.  Some of these guys could be moved in the next week or so to teams who are looking for that piece or two to their puzzle for a playoff run.  The cahnge in the locker room might also propel us into the playoffs or at least give us some possibly younger rights to retain for next season. 

Change is coming either now or in the off season and IMO, I would rather see it sooner than later...

Blake Sebring
Mon, 02/18/2013 - 2:13pm

I think here's the problem. The Komets need to get bigger. What's the only way to do that at this level? Get two affiliations. That means your entire team becomes about developing players for the AHL as a primary focus and not about winning consistently from year-to-year. Will Fort Wayne put up with that? Can the Frankes put up with that? They love winning an awful lot. That also means your team doesn't use the focus of pleasing your fans as much as it does about pleasing the AHL. That also means you use 50-60 players per year.

That changes the entire focus of the franchise and how long could it be before the Komets contend for a championship again.

I don't know that their current approach will work, but I wonder if the other approach will, too. I don't know.

Tue, 02/19/2013 - 9:19am

Blake, its simple explantion- Dr Evil has stolen the Komets MOJO. The only solution to get it back is this:  Each player MUST take home a game stick after every game and practice. Bernie Nichols did this one year and scored 70 goals that season. .....So it must work.   

Tue, 02/19/2013 - 12:00pm

Blake, I don't think it is as simple as merely having two affiliations.  Evansville has two and before this last weekend only had seventeen wins.

Unfortunately the Komets have 'holes" all over the ice.  Goaltending has been decimated, the defense is, at best, one dotted with inexperience and character.  It was the last part of the team the Franke's put together ( quite a change from the Franke's history, but I think the biggest mistake of the off season was not being proactive signing blueliners hoping that DeAngelis would come back).

I'm one that loves to watch goal scorers so I was pleased with the Marino and Giosa signings.  I haven't been disappointed in either of them especially when facing the fact that the k's could not protect anyone. Whatever happens to the K's the rest of this season, they need to protect those two. (Also Rizk).

Going forward, as I said, they need to protect Marino and Giosa, they need to eliminate the affiliation with Anaheim and Norfolk,  they need to make a corporate philosophy decision whether they want t o go the affiliation ( go two not one) route or go independent.  They need better scouting of players coming out of college, and then they need luck.

I consider this season an aberration.  Coming into the ECHL not being able to protect anyone, the NHL lockout improvimg the rosters of so many teams, and circumstances which befell them.  I wish that Auger didn't get hurt.  I wish that Vaskivou could have made enough to stay.  I wish that Molle would not have gone to Reading, I wish they would've given Mele a chance, I wish that DeAngelis didn't wait so long for his decision ( and when he made it he would've stayed).

There are players on this team that just can't seem to produce.  I don't know of any team that would want them. 

Goaltending hampered by injury, individual defensemen who aren't ready for this league and porous as a group, forwards who can't score but are adept at taking penalties, a power play that is a joke, and a penalty kill that is below standard.

Would a trade help this team?  Well. maybe, but you have to trade talent to get talent but " I wouldn't cut off my nose to spite my face" meaning for all intents and purposes this season is finished.  Odds of making it to the finals agre just too great to rupture any hope of next season too.

The Franke's and Sims have a lot of work to be done before next October.

just my thoughts.