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Tailing the Komets

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Sun, 02/17/2013 - 10:01am

Wow, another game of playing mostly dump and chase..Matt whats his name is still slow and out of step and shape, missing many checks and hitting the boards, sending the puck into the offensive zone instead of passing to line mate coming with him (how frustrating).

Chaulk, really, not ready yet for prime time....still slow, another hooking call and he could have had more...should be sitting and we could have actually had another defensemen (that we desperately needed) playing and moving folks from in front of the net (Henley)...unfortunately he was not playing.  Chaulk, please take stock of yourself, sit behind the bench for the remainder of the season and give up your spot to another veterarn...whether it be Henley or someone they trade for...it is necessary.

Nice to see the small guys playing...Marino, Smith, Wheeler...and playing their hearts out...Charlie tried but has had to eratic a playing stint to be fully ready yet....maybe with Marco out for a good period of time Charlie can actually get some decent playing time over the next several weeks.

Milam, I am a fan, however you looked a bit out of step on many plays and had very few shots....you need to step up your game.

Final comment - seems like as the group of fans in our area watched, that we were all moving in slow motion with Chaulk and Syro...maybe we got used to the faster style of play with Dunbar, Wheeler, Marino,  Hoban, Smith and sometimes Schrock and it seemed like everything was toned down to meet Chaulk's and Syro's slowness....sad but sure seems that way....sit Syro as well and get a player from the SPHL.


Sun, 02/17/2013 - 2:18pm

"Stop blaming the refs, stop blaming your linemates, work hard, play together..."-Colin Chaulk.

Refs?  Linemates? Play together?

You don't even have to read between the lines with comments like that. 

Sounds as though this team, as it is described by those comments, has crossed the line and is ready for elimination.

Team unity seems to be destroyed and with that fact the Franke's just need to back up the truck and start dumping.

I hate to post it but Chaulk's quote seems to veritfy what is really wrong with this team and it is too late to fix it.