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Tailing the Komets

Komets are out of the playoffs

Since one of the TV guys called Justin and I into question (as if this was our first rodeo) about this, here's how it works. No, it wasn't the folks I work with every week, either.

The Komets are 10 points down to Toledo with five games remaing. The best the Komets can do is win all five games and tie.

But they lose the tiebreakers, which would be:

1. Wins, regular season (excluding shootout wins)

Komets have 32 wins, four in shootouts, which becomes 28. Toledo has 34 and no shootout wins. If the Komets win all five and Toledo loses all five, they'd have 33 regulation or overtime wins and Toledo would still have 34.

2. Goal differential

Toledo has 208 goals for and 182 against; Komets have 194 goals for and 231 against. Toledo wins again, obviously.

3. Points, head-to-head (for two teams that have not played the same number of home games against the other tied team, the first game(s) played in the city that has the extra home game(s) shall not be included)

The Walleye are 6-4 against the Komets this season. The Komets will end up with one extra home game, but Toledo won all of those games in Fort Wayne anyway.

So, the Komets are eliminated from the playoffs with tonight's loss because they would lose the tiebreaker(s)..