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Tailing the Komets

WANE's interviews with Al Sims and David Franke


Thu, 05/02/2013 - 4:09pm

Kudos go out to Glenn Marini for his report.

I listened two or three times to both Sims and Franke as they described the disappointment in the past season. 

Here is what I took from each.

Sims:  The Komets need more size, speed, skill, and be better defensively (more experienced).

Franke: The Komets need to be bigger (size), physical, skating ability, and speed. They need to solidify the defense and have ( and this is a interesting point, as he used the word twice) "bonafide"  goal scorers.

Sims stated that the affiliation is important, while Franke stated that a "core group of 8-11 players were important as well as the affiliated players.  That they needed to "re-build" the core group.

Sims and Franke both commented on the need for more scouting as a way to improve the teams' chances.  Franke even went further with his comment on aggressive recruiting.

Both seemed to be determined and motivated to not let another disappointing year happen.  Sims said he wants to "come back with a vengeance" and added "this is the only league he hasn't won a championship".  Franke seems equally motivated.

My conclusion is that they are virtually on the same page. My only doubt in this whole matter is that I think neither are strong in recruiting.  I think Sims should be re-hired, an assistant coach should be hired ( and it sounds to me as  Colin Chaulk would be welcomed by both).

Mr. Franke, if you want to "re-tool the hockey club",  then go right ahead.  Just keep in mind that your coach and you are virtually on the same page.  For a guy who has won five championships he seems very motivayte to win his sixth.

Isn't that what we all want?

Alan Hines (season ticket holder)