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Tailing the Komets

Chaulk goes to Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo press release:

Adding to their bench staff on Monday afternoon, the Kalamazoo Wings named Colin Chaulk assistant coach.

Chaulk, who replaces Josh Harrold in the same role, is very familiar to Wings Stadium. For seven seasons, including last year, Chaulk made many visits to Wings Stadium as a member of the K-Wings biggest rival, the Fort Wayne Komets.

Chaulk, who spent 10 of his 15 professional seasons in Fort Wayne, announced his retirement in April. In his 909 game career, Chaulk played in the top leagues in both North America and Europe, including the original International Hockey League and the American Hockey League.

“As a player, Colin has shown that he knows how to win championships and has done so in a leadership role,” said general manager Jim Burlew. “Competing on the ice for 15 years professionally, Colin is a proven winner and leader, and while his playing days have concluded, he has plenty of knowledge and passion for the sport of hockey that he now will pass on to our players.

Being a part of championship teams is something that Chaulk is no stranger to. In his career, Chaulk has helped hoist six championships, all with the Komets, the last occurring just two seasons ago.

While the native of Toronto, Ontario has always showed a knack for scoring, it is his defensive awareness that garnered the attention of the K-Wings.

“After he (Colin) announced his retirement, we (K-Wings) pursued him for this role because of all the intangibles he brings,” said director of hockey operations/head coach Nick Bootland. “Colin has always been a student of the game, which is evident with the accolades he has earned as a top defensive-forward many times throughout his career.”

Chaulk joins Bootland, who is returning for his fifth season behind the K-Wings bench. In his career, Bootland has posted a record of 198-129-37 (64.7%) and has guided Kalamazoo to three ECHL North Division crowns, two appearances in the Eastern Conference Finals and a trip to the Kelly Cup Finals.


Tue, 07/30/2013 - 2:58pm

Good Luck Colin. And look out Komets. You may be sorry you didn't hire him.

Phil Chifley
Tue, 07/30/2013 - 8:41pm

I like Chaulker. I like Sims.

But after last year we had to clean house at the coaching level.

In the corporate world in my younger years I didn't always agree when a new boss at the executive level cane in and cleaned house.

Shortly into my 40's I saw first hand what happens when you don't clean house, it wasn't pretty.

This move is good for Chaulker it gives him a break from his past and if he is successful at Kzoo it will help his resume.

I don't see him landing an ECHL head coaching job until he has had a single A or CHL head job first. That's a big risk for a team at the E level.

if you think about this without emotion it was a good move all around for both sides.

Everyone will miss chaulk. I look forward to clapping for hin on hos first visit back then razzing him the rest of the year for being one of those Kwing people.

off the post
Tue, 07/30/2013 - 11:03pm

this is a very sad day for the komets franchise. colin chaulk is simply one of the greatest players and leaders to ever pull on a komets jersey. i dont think most of us at this time truly understand what this man has done for the franchise. i think in years to come and as time passes , we will reflect back and appreciate even more what this outstanding player and person accomplished in a komets uniform . as i wish gary grahm nothing but the best of success, i think this whole deal really smells. while ive not always agreed with the frankes , ive supported them in their decisions and in their business savy on here , in discussions with fellow fans and x players. but this i think is a very poor decision based soley on financial dealings . seriously , how do you choose a guy with only 5 yrs pro hockey expierence over a guy with 15 yrs pro hockey expierence  ? the sphl is a far cry from the echl.  im still very perplexed with this decision. best of luck colin chaulk and thank you for the pleasure of watching one of the greatest minor league hockey players of our time.

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 8:48am

But only in Disney movies do you see one of the presidents of the company getting replaced with someone from the mail room.....

Chaulk will replace Bootland when he moves up in the next year or two.....IMO

This is a cant read a book by its cover scenario's...  Much more to this story and the Frankes will take a lot of heat for not telling it....

I cannot remember another time when the transition period for the Komets was at this level....  Maybe when they went from the AAA IHL down to the A level UHL?

The boys cannot get on the ice fast enough, IMO...