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Tailing the Komets

Ks add two more

From a Komets press release

The Komets announced Tuesday that defenseman Rob Kwiet and rookie forward Kevin Walrod have agreed to terms and have been added to the Fort Wayne preseason roster.

Kwiet (quit), 24, will be joining the Komets for his fifth pro season since turning pro when he appeared in seven regular season games and four playoff games with the Muskegon Fury in the IHL during 2007-08.

Kwiet skated four years of juniors in the OHL and helped the Windsor Spitfires to the OHL 2008-09 regular season championship scoring a team high +54 in 2008-09 before scoring five goals and 15 points in 20 playoff games en route to the 2009 OHL Robertson Cup Championship.  Since completing his junior play the Toronto native has skated a total of 42 AHL games (1g, 28pim) and 197 ECHL tilts (23g, 78a, 101pts, 170pim) over a span of four seasons.

"Rob was a priority for me in the free agency period," Komet head coach Gary Graham said.  "He has proven he can be a solid contributor offensively from the blueline since his junior days. He will quarterback the powerplay and be put in a great spot to be successful with us. I know Rob is excited about coming to Fort Wayne and we are looking forward to seeing him in black and orange this upcoming season."

Kwiet posted a career best eight goals, 22 assists and ranked second in scoring by Reading defensemen with 30 points while serving on the Royals' blue line 56 games during 2010-11.  Last season he led San Francisco Bulls defensemen with 19 assists and 27 points in 50 games and ranked fifth among ECHL defensemen with his total of 37 points in stints with the Bulls and Greenville.

Walrod, 24, completed four seasons with Michigan State last year.  The forward ranked fourth in the Spartans lineup with 11 assists and fifth with 15 points in 34 games last season for a college career best year.  Also, Walrod made his pro debut with Bakersfield in the ECHL appearing in four games. 


Tue, 07/30/2013 - 3:51pm

Here is a highlight reel for Walrod. Looks like he has some speed and hands.


indy ks fan
Tue, 07/30/2013 - 5:33pm

More yawns.  A d-man who played for three ECHL teams last year.  Why didn't he stick with either of the first two?  Is it possible that he is a problem in the locker room?  I have no idea but why did two teams that he played for last year give up on him?

A forward who scored four goals in 30+ games last year and the press release indicates it was his best college year.  His Youtube highlight video must have included all of his college goals.

Let's hope that there is news on the affiliation front soon and that higher skilled players are on the way to send some of the current signees down the road.  Apparently my expectations are too high because I only see two legitimate skill players (Marino, Hughes), a couple of interesting rookies (Gagnon, Pokulok),  two acceptable role players (Firman, Schrock), two to three question marks that are worth taking a chance on (Flemming, Auger, and maybe Kwiet if his stats illustrate his value and his frequent moves are not a sign of a problem), and that is about it.  If any of the others that have been signed to date are more than spare parts this team is in trouble again.

Again, I may be proven wrong in the future.  If I am several of you will have no problem telling me that you told me so.

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 7:10pm

In response to Indy K's fan...It was more of a#'s game last year I am sure. With the lockout last season he just wasn't able to stick around and San Fran obviously needed a dman and he stuck there. Plenty of guys last year that played for multiple teams so it's hard to question anyone's character.

off the post
Tue, 07/30/2013 - 10:43pm

indy k's fan has never posted a positive comment on this blog. he still hasnt answered the question of how many games he has attended but rather danced around the question with rhetoric.. from my old neighbor hood we called this a "poser". yes you have the right to an opinion and the right to voice it. if most might remember you used to use another sceen name here... same results and same rhetoric.

indy ks fan
Wed, 07/31/2013 - 7:10am

Off The Post.  I am glad that you take such an interest in me and the number of games that I attended last year.  In order to give you something to talk about, I am not going to answer that question.  What does it matter?  Do you get a gold star for attending more games than someone who lives 140+ miles away from Fort Wayne?  Let's face it.  The Ks were such a great product at home last year.  I have been attending games at the Coliseum since 1972.  Do I get a gold star if I have attended games longer than you?

I have never posted on this forum under any other name.  I never will.

When I see something positive to post about, I will.  It seems that you have as much negativity toward me as I do toward the direction that the Frankes and Coach Graham are leading this team.  Why is your negativity toward me acceptable but my negative opinion against the Frankes and Coach Graham so offensive?  I am just a harmless guy who posts on a blog.  I have absolutely no power to hold the Frankes hostage and force them into a single move.

I am not sure what I did to enrage Off the post and some of the others on this blog.  Try not taking my posts so seriously.  Just think if you are right and I am wrong about all of the fun that you are going to have telling me how stupid I am.

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 9:02am

I couldnt agree more, Indy k's fan....