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Opening Arguments

Another report of the obvious

This isn't exactly a stunning shocker, is it?

The National Security Agency eavesdropped on civil rights icon Martin Luther King and heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali as well as other leading critics of the Vietnam War in a secret program later deemed “disreputable,” declassified documents revealed.

The six-year spying program, dubbed “Minaret,” had been exposed in the 1970s but the targets of the surveillance had been kept secret until now.

The documents released Wednesday showed the NSA tracked King and his colleague Whitney Young, boxing star Ali, journalists from the New York Times and the Washington Post, and two members of Congress, Senator Frank Church of Idaho and Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee.

Spies spy -- they always have and always will. But the revelations do (or at least should) make us highly skeptical of any claims by the NSA today that there's nothing to see here so move along, move along. So who are they spying on now?