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Opening Arguments

Promises, promises

I appreciate the sentiment, but I won't hold my breath:

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Democratic schools Superintendent Glenda Ritz is promising greater transparency as she begins work on a new school grading formula.

Even before it was uncovered that her predecessor, Republican Tony Bennett, had changed the grading formula to ensure a top GOP donor’s charter school received an A, Ritz said her administration would work in the open. But in the wake of Bennett’s scandal, that promise is even more important.

I've been writing about government and politicians for going on 40 years now, and I've probably heard pledges of greater transparency even more often than I've heard promises not to raise taxes.  And those pledges seem to be forgotten even quicker than the tax promises are abandoned. "Openness" is an easy thing to believe in from the outside. Once you get in, though, you want to get things done as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Sharing your plans with the great unwashed just slows things down.