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Opening Arguments

Above it all

CNN's Jake Tapper: Why, yes, there is media bias:

“Do you believe there is bias in mainstream media?” a Reddit user asked. “If yes, which way does it slant and which networks?”

“Yes I do,” Tapper replied, “but I also think it’s more complicated than just liberal bias.”

“I think there are a lot of hard-working reporters in NYC and DC who have never fired a gun, or never worked a 9-5 manual labor job, or lived in the middle of the country, or worried about their next paycheck, or have anyone in their family who serves in the military and I think that creates a cultural bias,” he continued.

“But I also think there are a lot of reporters who work to counter that and understand the limitations of their own realities,” Tapper concluded. “But yes, I do think there is bias. Reluctant to name names though because I try to be collegial.”

A lot to that. Too many journalists want to stay above the fray so they can achieve that fabled objectivity. As a result, they don't have the slightest understanding of the real lives of ordinary people.

Much of the liberal bias I've seen is more institutional than deliberate, and it comes sinply from the nature of the job. A prime function of journalism is to cover government, and the more government does, the more reporters get caught up in an attidue of "if the government does it, it must ber important." That attitude develops into a pro-government bias, which is sort of the foundation of liberalism.