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Tailing the Komets

Here's the cuts


Kyle Bochek (F) - placed on waivers

Keegan Flaherty (F) - released

Matthew Larke (F) - placed on waivers

Paul McIlveen (F) - released

Darick Ste-Marie (F) - released

Kevin Walrod (F) - placed on waivers


Derek Foam (D) - released

William Lacasse (D) - released


Max Strang (G) - released

I'm really shocked at McIlveen and Larke. They must have been afraid of McIlveen's shoulder and wanted to go with the size of Firman and Hauswirth over Larke.


Sun, 10/13/2013 - 5:37pm

I was very surprised to learn of McIlveen.  He was the one I missed on the most.  I wouldn't have been surprised if Walrod, Larke, or Bochek would've made the team.  This was one of the best camps I can remember in terms of talent.  We all knew that some of the cuts were going to be difficult.  Look for these guys to appear on other teams ( maybe the ECHL, but also the CHL).

Looking forward to this team and certain that Graham is not finished as there are still some holes to fill.  Very impressed with the play of Auger, Fleming, Lark, Dunbar.  So much talent in King, Marino, Hughes and Vaskivuo.  Even without McIlveen I just named 8 forwards (two full lines and 2/3 of another).  That leaves Firman, Hauswirth and Schrock.  Potentially the best combination of forwards this team has had in years.

I'm sure that Graham willl scour the waiver wire and transaction pages.  As things stand now, I think Graham and Franke deserve a "well done"!

indy ks fan
Sun, 10/13/2013 - 8:18pm

Time for a reality check.  The team that Wheeling put on the ice last night consisted of approximately eight players who have never played a single ECHL regular season game and three or four others that have played fewer than ten.  Plus they rode a bus all night and day from Reading to Wheeling to Fort Wayne.  With the lineup that the Ks put on the ice last night a 6-2 result is just about right.

When the games begin to count we will see how much of a genius Mr. Franke and Coach Graham are.  Before you start buying playoff tickets you might consider the fact that K-zoo dressed three fewer skaters than the Ks did on Friday night and were not worn down in the third period.

There is a NHL/AHL organization with no ECHL affiliate that has 25 or 26 players on its AHL roster.  You cannot tell me that there aren't two or three of the extra AHL players who are more skilled than individuals on the current Ks roster.  I guess David Franke can.


Ron Heathman
Sun, 10/13/2013 - 9:55pm

You may be right Indy, but you still have to be able to fit into the salary cap. Thats the problem !

Sun, 10/13/2013 - 10:49pm

indy K's fan,  I read your comment and am not quite sure how to respond.

Did you go to the game last night?  I did.

Your idea about ECHL vs. non ECHL experience is hard to equate for a meaningful dialogue.  Consider this:  McIlveen got released from the team.  He's had about 240 games in the ECHL.  He's had success in those 240 games also.  If it would've been up to me, Tuzzalino would've been released also.  He's had about 270 games in the ECHL plus approximately45 games in the AHL.  What does this prove?  Absolutely nothing as I, nor do you, have a crystal ball in front of them doing the decision guiding.

I can only go by what I see.  If Wheeling was tired from their traveling, then that is their fault.  You can only play who you play, not circumstances.  Kalamazoo playing short was mysterious to me.  They won and I'm not willing to hand them the "Kelly Cup" just yet.  Last night they went to Toledo and got shut out.  Maybe Kalamazoo is better than the K's.  Maybe Toledo is better than both.  Point is until the real games start and games count, it just doesn't matter.

Yes, of course two or three AHL players would help.  Still, losing them at times when needed could be devastating also.

I just sense that sometimes, no matter what the conditions are, you're pretty negative about the Komets and I wonder if anything they have done or can do is correct in your thoughts.

They are your opinions, you have every right to express them, but you'll forgive me if I hope you are wrong.