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Tailing the Komets

Komets in AHL, NHL camps

Matt Firman with Chicago Wolves, Mickey Lang with Lake Erie, John Muse with Providence, Cody Reichard with Nashville and Joe Hartman with Grand Rapids have all been released and will be in Fort Wayne when training camp starts Sunday. The only possible doubtful is Drew Olson who was with Tampa Bay which sent him to Syracuse. That's one reason why William Lacasse has been invited to camp.

As for Paul McIlveen, the Komets aren't talking at all, and if they aren't denying it, it usually means the paperwork hasn't arrived yet.

There might also be another high-scoring forward on the way eventually.

There will be players who might not make this team who could find a spot somewhere else in the ECHL, especially among the forwards.


Thu, 10/03/2013 - 1:13am

I hope what you've reported about the possibility of another "high scoring" forward on the way is true.  I believe the addition of McIlveen certainly adds to the potential scoring strength upfront.

I was looking forward to watch Drew Olson.  The idea of him being signed by Syracuse is great for him, because after all, the whole idea of ECHL teams are to develop talent .  It just tells me that the K's and Gary Graham have recruited fine, quality players.

The last paragraph stating the possibility of some players finding other spots in the ECHL seems more than reasonable.  If you add McIlveen and possibly another "high scoring" forward, you have one of the strongest rosters I have seen in years.  In my opinion training camp is going to be extra important for those participating.  I hope Gary Graham holds true to his belief that nobody is going to be given anything and everybody starts from scratch and will have to earn his way.  I have no reason to believe anything else but sometimes that isn't the case when push come to shove.

Things are soon going to get real interesting especially if the mention of the "high scoring" forward comes to realization.  Don't know, but I imagine things are in the works and this player is participating in AHL camps somewhere. 

I can't remember when I have looked so forward for a season to begin.