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Tailing the Komets

Komets blow the game with late collapse

You can read the story here.

Komets should have blown Cincinnati out early but couldn't thanks to Rob Madore.  Cyclones could have punished Komets more if they had scored on any of nine power-play chances.



Sun, 10/27/2013 - 1:06am

Didnt Gary say in one of his interviews that he didn't plan on losing 2 in a row? The 1st 2 periods were pretty good then it started going downhill. Guys stopped following through on their checks in the 2nd period and tried in the 3rd but only when the score was tied and it was too late by then. Was too many penalties early on from Vasky and and a critical one that took the Captain out for the last 2 minutes of OT. We outshot them early on but I think after that 3-1 lead, Cincy wanted some revenge. Marino and Lange still a good line. Cole looked pretty solid and even Schrock looked decent out there. Everybody just looked tired in the 3rd though.

Also I thought it was pretty cool that the Cyclones showed some repsect to Chuck and Nick during their ceremony.

On another note, noticed a difference in the stats on the jumbotron, they were larger and easier to read. Also, definitely heard the organ player this time around and he seemed to keep up some of the crowd energy. Big difference from opening night.