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Tailing the Komets

Things I noticed

During Sunday's scrimmage:

The ice was new so it needs seasoning and was bad, but everybody seemed to be making the best of it... Rod Aldoff (Pensacola), Brian Gratz (Bloomington) and assistant Jack Collins (Dayton) are here to scout and help with coaching... Not sure if Larkin Saalfrank is officially on the roster, but he's helping out with the goaltending and looked solid during his scrimmage session. He's eventually going to Dayton for training camp... Jake Hauswirth is big at 6-5, 215 pounds and he skates very well. He's a beast... The defensemen were clearning the front of their nets, especially Nick Tuzzolino, Simon Danis-Pepin, Jeremy Gates and Nik Pokulok... John Muse is extremely quick with his pads and never seemed to get rattled no matter what was happening in front of him... Goaltender Max Strang is scheduled to go to Bloomington, but he was very impressive on Sunday... The goals on Sunday game off the sticks of Gates from Chris Auger and Matthew Larke, Kyle Bochek from Kevin Walrod and Kaleigh Schrock, and John Dunbar from Brandon Marino after Dunbar picked off a pass at his own blueline to set up a breakaway... Dunbar looks amazing. He and Larke are all over the place creating havoc, with or without the puck. Both are always around the biscuit... The new glass around the rink is taller... Schrock's quick release is back and he was doing a good job of cutting to the net as he crossed the blue line. Danis-Pepin went to hit him one time and ended up getting knocked back and over instead... Larke, Auger and Fleming might have been the best forward line all day. Fleming's passing was so sublime, his forwards weren't ready for it and they missed great opportunities... There was a great pace from start to finish and pretty good puck support from the forwards... Nobody looked out of place, but let's see how their legs look in two days when they are a little sore and tired.