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Tailing the Komets

Tuesday's scrimmage report

Holy cow, there are way too many good forwards to make this team... Jeremy Gates got 13 stitches in his face after getting a puck there on Monday and played fantastic on Tuesday at both ends... Scott Follmer and Mike Vaskivuo sat out again with minor injuries but will try to skate tomorrow... The way the lineups will work for Wednesday's exhibition game in Wheeling, each team will skate with 12 forwards instead of the usual 10... Komets' lines will be Dunbar, Hauswirth and Lang; Auger, Fleming and Larke; Firman, Bochek and Schrock; Walrod, St. Marie and Flaherty. Defensive pairs will be Pokulo and Danis-Pepin, Gates and Hartman; Lacasse and Foam. Goalies will be Reichard and Strang... Goals on Tuesday were Tristan King from Dunbar and Marino; Firman from Walrod; Lacasse from Hauswirth; McIllveen from Lang and Lacasse; Larke fromm Fleming and Auger and Bochek from Marino... Schrock was all over the place, dominating in the neutral zone especially. He probably leads the camp in shots on goal so far... McIllveen dominated the scrimmage and never passes up a good shot... The line of Larke, Dunbar and Schrock was unbelievable in stretches because their opponents couldn't get the puck away from them. They were very good at getting it back to the point and then rushing the net for deflections or rebounds... Fleming, Schrock and Dunbar had about a 60-second stretch where they were playing keepaway in the offensive zone with many great scoring chances... Matt Firman had his best day, scoring a goal, blocking shots and making big hits... Kyle Bochek had his best day of the camp... It's amazing the pace they are keeping up because anybody dogging it would really stand out. The forwards are all busting their behinds to get back defensively so far... They truly are trying to make an impression with each shift, and nobody is floating... Scoring in the shootout were Hauswirth, Bochek, Bobby Hughes, Fleming, Dunbar, Nik Pokulok, Simon Danis-Pepin, Nick Tuzzolino, Lang, Joe Hartman, Keegan Flaharty and McIlveen.