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Tailing the Komets

Komets lose streak to Reading


Sat, 11/23/2013 - 8:10am

Really funny to read all of last nights postings....I have been calling for Mr. Tuzzolino's  resignation for weeks now...where have you all been?  He is slow, to offensive minded and should be benched first, C removed and then canned.....P. S. - his partner in height...Pepin should also be traded.

Why is it Reichard is still here....most likely will not play much if at all...bring back Strang....cannot be much worse.

Seems only folks hitting besides Schrock, were Lang and Marino.

Funny though....unlike past losses, I felt overall I watched a decent game......hmmm


Sat, 11/23/2013 - 8:56am

Sorry, I must have blinked in the game last night, I missed the Shrock hit...

Sat, 11/23/2013 - 11:38am

I don't care what you say, that there was funny!

Sat, 11/23/2013 - 1:48pm

Was hoping for a veteran to put up Todd Robinson-type numbers...

-14 in 13 games...certainly is...

Sat, 11/23/2013 - 6:54pm

What is tuzzisolinos plus minus so far. I cant find his stats. And what does it mean??? Is somethings more important thatn othere,s He is our captain, maybe we should be patient. Its only November, well almost December,

Sat, 11/23/2013 - 7:58pm

In the simpliest of terms...+/- is like this...if you're on  the ice in an even-strenth situation and your team scores...you get a "plus"...if you're scored against...you get a minus.

Tuzzolino is (coming into tonight) a -14...meaning essentially, 14 more goals have been scored AGAINST the Komets when he's on the ice...than have been scored FOR the Komets when he's on the ice.

-14 ranks him 607th in the ECHL...out of 607 players. Tristan King is 601st...four Komets are in the "bottom 50"