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Tailing the Komets

Notes for the blog only

JR, last week you asked about what the Komets' obligations were to their NHL-affiliated players if they wanted to move them. According to David Franke, they could not just trade them or put them on waivers without first talking with the parent team. The parent team would probably need to recall them first in either situation and then could assign them to a new team in the case of a trade. Either way, the player would get paid under his NHL contract.

Alan, you asked about the possibility of playing Coyle at forward and Schrock on defense. It's not something that is very easily accomplished in either case, though it's more common for a defenseman to sometimes skate at forward on a third line when there is a need because of injuries. Their bodies may be comparable but they think the game in completely different ways. Remember a couple years ago when Leo Thomas did it for the last game of the season and was responsible for couple goals? It would be like asking a guard in basketball to play te low post or a receiver in football to play center. Different worlds, different mindsets completely. About the only player I can remember with the Komets who was successful at either end consistently was Teddy Wright during the 1960s. Playing the point on the power play is different for a forward because that is much more of an offensive position. There are plenty of examples in recent years of forwards on the point who struggled big-time defensively.