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Opening Arguments

Reality bites

Disconnect from reality. Here's Sen. Tim Lanane, D- Anderson, the Indiana Senate minority leader::

While website concerns can be righted and previous plans can be kept, some obstacles blocking Hoosiers from access to care are more difficult to dislodge. Chief among those obstructions: the governor and his calculated decision to deny as many as 400,000 Hoosiers a shot at health insurance. Make no mistake, his decision to reduce choices imposes costs on every Hoosier, not just the uninsured.

The governor’s decision to reject Medicaid expansion limits struggling Hoosiers to two choices for medical services: the emergency room or nothing.

Here's the reality:

That's a problem. A 2012 survey (PDF) by Jackson Healthcare, a medical staffing company, found that, while 64 percent of physicians nationally are taking new Medicaid patients, "A majority of physicians across many specialties said they could no longer afford to accept new Medicaid patients due to declining reimbursements. States where physicians were least likely to accept new Medicaid patients were New Jersey, California and Florida."

[. . .]

None of this should be a surprise. Physician dissatisfaction with Medicaid is not a new proble, Pharmacies, too, were refusing Medicaid patients years ago because of rock-bottom reimbursement. Soon after the Affordable Care Act passed, health experts pointed to Medicaid as a major vulnerability in the law—coverage without providers is no coverage at all.

Of course, Obamacare has been divorced from reality from the start, so this isn't exactly a big shock.