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Tailing the Komets

More reaction to Ullyot

The Father of Komet hockey is gone.....somehow....nothing will be quite the same.

It goes without saying that without Ken Ullyot Komet hockey would never have survived to celebrate 62 years.  He was a great supporter of ours over the past 24 years and things will never be quite the same.

Michael Franke

The traditions, the players who stayed here, the colors of the jerseys. he started all of the traditions that we know today. Without him, none of that would have happened. Ken was the genesis of all this back then. What we have today is a lot of what he started.

David Franke

 The partnership of Ken, Colin & Ray was the best operator I ever worked for.  Those boys knew how to run a hockey club, & from what I continue to hear, the Franke's are now the best in the business.

Gregg Pilling

Ken helped me greatly when I started refereeing. Also I feel that Ken was  the main reason why Fort Wayne is such a successful hockey  hotspot.

Sam Sisco

I grew up in his era and he was the foundation of my love for Komet hockey.  Ken told me when we bought the franchise to savor the wins and when you wake up the next morning you'll still be excited.  Forget about the losses before you go to bed.  It has been good advice for 24 years.

Stephen Franke

He will be greatly missed, he was a great coach and a great man and friend. He will be missed by a lot of people.

Ted Wright