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Tailing the Komets

Ks developing new attitude


Mon, 01/06/2014 - 3:20am

Good article. 

I'm glad Franke isn't satisfied with his 5th through 10th forwards.  At least he recognizes that he can't survive with only one line and Embach.

My initial reaction to the "news" of them trading Vaskivuo soon was that I hope they get something decent for him.  Then my thought was to just let the "quitter" sit.  Still, if you can improve your team, then you must do it.

Interesting to read of the salary cap room and veteran status stuff.

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 1:56pm

Glad to see the drama surrounding this group is starting to calm down for the players. A lot of this really can be traced back to the end of last season throughout the summer. Personally, I really don't particuliarly care for the brand of hockey being played by the Komets thus far. The Auger, Fleming, and Marino line has been fun to watch but if they all 3 make through this season without injury it will be amazing the shots those 3 took the other night were hard to watch, and the lack of anyone willing to address some of those hits was why this brand and entertainment value is lacking imo. Had Brad Macmillian been around Lepin or Krug would have had to answer for some of those shots. I guess you could say I am from the "old school" when the Komets had a "enforcer" who kept teams honest and additional couple of guys who would also get involved with the rough stuff. Give me a 2 game series from a couple of years ago with Witchita any day of the week than what has been seen thus far this year. I really thought by being an independant this year the K's would have been able to bring in an enforcer type, right now I would love to see Klotz back here or Starenky. I think with the attendance over the last month or show reflects not everyone is all that thrilled with brand and entertainment value. Only 6400 for Saturday vs Eville normally there would be 7500 in the building on a Saturday night. More than likely in the minority here, but outside the Auger, Fleming, and Marino line the rest of what is here is really not that all interesting to watch and the blueline is really lacking in a lot of departments. They may be the "softest" group of blueliners I have seen in a long while.

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 4:03pm

There is no quick and easy fixes. Well, maybe the most has been fixed is the guys have found unity among what we have. When a team looses two players who where marked as key offensive guys, for what ever reason the lack of scoring hurts. Fans can blame the GM or coach for the two players lost but let us be honest, THEY WHERE QUITERS.

Now it is up to the GM and the coach to take on the highly difficult task of finding the best replacements they can. Hopefully there is one or two players in Europe who for whatever reason want to return home. There may be some quality player that is getting press box time that given the real chance can shine. There are a number of places to look but the task of finding the diamond is difficult.