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Tailing the Komets

Saturday's story


Viva The Fireball
Sat, 01/18/2014 - 8:55am

I'm sorry, but there was not 7200 people there last night. I understand the number represents the tickets sold vs what went thru the entrance, however there is no way that it was even close to that number. Look, I'm not a regular poster because I just like to read and stay informed about the team I've been entertained bygoing for over 4 decades. I don't consider myself one to get overly negative about a team or season because they don't do well. I have always loved the sport and what the Komets have done over the many years is something that my family and I have grown up enjoying. Don't think I look thru orange tinted glasses, but I would like to believe that I'll always be part of the people that just likes going to games and be entertained. I would consider myself an average joe type of fan, not in the minority that "knows it all and what needs to be done to fix things" but not the the minority that occasionally goes to a game and doesn't really follow the Komets. In my younger years I always dreamed of having season tickets, not because the Komets had a winning record but because I loved watching hockey live and cheering for the my local team. I had fun!

All of that being said, I feel like this team, management, and players have let me down for the entertainment of it all. Mismanagement, player defections, qualify of players, lack of quality off ice entertainment, ticket prices and the never ending spins of everything including inflated attendance (seeing the coliseum crowd vs the numbers is way off, just don't include those numbers in your article as it eats at the credibility of the article) mentioned above has left a sour taste in not only my mouth, but those of my kids. When they begin to notice skaters not skating, not shooting the puck or keeping a body on an opponent I think that speaks volumes. Regardless of the team dynamics, I expect and believe we should be entertained, win lose or draw, at some level, but WE are not. I don't know how much more I can afford to spend to just sit in the stands for over two hours to walk away after feeling like I just spent money and time for my family to come away feeling like we were bored. I love hockey, will always be a fan of Komets hockey, and will not be the type of person to use this forum to bash specific players, but unless the product that is being put out is consistent and entertaining I cannot justify the expense and my time dedicated to seeing them to look as if they are not interested in playing or being coached. I hope someone reads this and sees that I am part of the majority that goes to games and takes my thoughts to heart when looking at the entertainment product for next year. I'm sorry as I'll continue to read about the team and hope for a turnaround for the sake of Komets hockey in general, but I'm not paying any more this year to not be entertained. If I need to sit in a seat for two hours I'll take the family to a movie where I know I'll at least be entertained and cheaper. And before I read a post about cheap seats in the nose bleed, you try keeping the attention of pre-teens for two hours when they cannot make out where the puck is from that height.

Sorry for the rant, but I don't seem to read too much from people like me and felt the need to vent. Thanks for that opportunity!

Hockey Fan
Sat, 01/18/2014 - 9:22am

Last time I checked half of $26 is $13 not $13.50. When you buy two tickets using the Marathon 2 for 1 discount fill up card they charge you $13.50. I guess they need that 50 cents really bad.

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 10:14am

Blake.....would love to hear your opinion on this as well as how Coach Graham would answer this question........What is the identity of this team?

As an independant club, we had the opportunity to build our team to stand for something, without the revolving door that having an affiliation creates.   I am just curious as to what they set out to do and what they think we stand for.

After watching this team so from the beginning of the season until now, i don't think i could make a guess as to what the identity of our team is.  We are probaby the least physical team i have ever seen at any level of professional hockey.  I don't mean that to be disrespectful but i have watched the Komets for over 30 years and regularly watch NHL games and some AHL games as well.  Since we are a feeder league for those 2 you would expect the style of play to be similar.  That is not the case from what i see.  There is constant hitting in the NHL and the AHL as well.  It doesn't make sense to say that the ECHL is a non-hitting league.  Other teams hit us.  I think we are just a non physical team, which is ok if.......

We are faster and higher scoring or.......we can consistently shut teams down defensively........I am not seeing either of these.  Teams in this league are just as fast, if not faster in a lot of cases.  They are bigger up front and have just as much skill and speed.  It is hard for us to match up with that night after night. 

If we are not going to be an affiliate and have some AHL level talent here, then we need to find our niche with the control that we have as an independent club.  Maybe it is building a team that is physically relentless and hits anything that moves to try to wear the other team down and put their head on a swivel, wondering when they will get hit again.  Maybe it is a team that is lightning quick and outskates our opponents.  Maybe it is a team that, as boring as it would be to watch, is a shut down defensive team that frustrates opponents into making mistakes. 

Just curious as to what our ownership and coach set out to create?

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 7:19pm

I for one didn't think thee team played horrible but could only give them a "C" grade for the game. I would rate them a "B" for the first period, "D" for the second and "C" for the third. Elmira earned an overall "B" for the game. They played "C" in first, "B+" for the second, and closed the third with "B" grade.

From my seat I can say in the first and third the K's had a number of good scoring chances that just didn't 'work out. I think why teams don't play the Komets physical at the Coliseum is pretty simple, it keeps the fans out the game. The same goes for fights! With the rules,being what they are unless you get someone to dance with you,then you will end up,suspends! Also, if I was a coach of the visiting team I would tell my players not to go fighting as it will only inspire the crowd and hence the home team.


Sun, 01/19/2014 - 5:27pm

The weekend is here, and pretty much gone...who and where are the Orlando "future considerations"?