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Tailing the Komets

WANE's Friday highlights


Sat, 02/01/2014 - 9:40am

A few thoughts about last night, or our whole season:

1.  We need a change behind the bench.  I have been very careful not to complain about the coaching so far, but can't hold back any more after last night's game.  This has happened all season.......the other team makes adjustments and we don't......plain and simple.  We had guys just doing what they wanted and trying all kind of fancy stuff.  An obvious sign of a coach that does not have any control of the team.

2.  Lack of physicality hurts us again.  Broken record alert!  You could see it coming from the drop of the puck.  They hit us everytime they could.  In our zone, their zone, neutral zone.....every zone.  Our guys had their heads on a swivel every time they went into the corner.  Why do you think they beat us to all the loose pucks from the 2nd period on.  Hockey is a physical game!

3.  Elmira, who by the way is probably one of the worst teams in the league, has handled us with a simple game plan.  Play as physical as they can, and drop the gloves at strategic times to spark their team and change the momentum.  Last night was a perfect example of how a fight can change the whole complexion of the game.  Great move by their coach.

We just don't get it.  Same thing night after night.  No leadership from behind the bench.  No physicality. 

It's great to bring in skill players, but we need some size and physical presence.  We may get into the playoffs but without any size of pysicality, teams will wear us down over a series.  This is a hitting league (at least for the teams that play us).....hockey is a phyical sport where the body check is and always will be part of the game.  Sad to see us always on the receiving end. 

The word is out on how to beat the komets:  play physical, run their goalies and skill players, and make the right adjustments between periods.