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Tailing the Komets

Biggest games of the year?

There is so much riding on these two games. 1. Komets need points almost any way they can get them because Florida has nine straight home games coming up; 2. Where does Ben Meisner fit in all this now? Does he regain the trust of the guys? If you don't think he needs to, then you don't understand team dynamics; 3. They could end up facing Kalamazoo in the first round of the playoffs, and the Wings have been the ECHL's hottest team; 4. The rivalry which certainly seems to be re-ignited this year with Colin Chaulk, and now Aaron Clarke. You know Kalamazoo would love to knock the Komets out.

The encouraging thing for the Komets is it seems like they have been playing better overall, controlling more of the play, getting better scoring opportunities and doing a better job defensively as a team. If they can get Jason Dale and Matt Carter back somehow, they could be absolutely loaded at forward. Dean Ouellet is a little more iffy.

What do you think?


Sat, 03/22/2014 - 2:20pm

I have thought about this for a couple of hours now, and I would like for someone to explain to me why Ben Meisner has to regain his teams' trust.  

I sincerely don't understand the meaning and I've tried to think this one through from a couple of angles.  Help me if I'm wrong.  Is it because  (1) he went into the game knowing he has had these problems without telling anyone?  I have read differing reports that Michael Franke ( and I assume David and the Coach) were aware he was having symptoms for a couple of days.  And I read where (2) they were not aware of any problems.

The way I look at it is that he tried to take one for the team.  Makarov was gone and it didn't look like the Franke's were overly attempting to get those kids in quickly.

I don't see it as a question of Meisner vs. the team.  I think that would be between him and the Franke's.  I think the players are all pretty supportive of him and probably would love to see him back between the "pipes".

So as you all can see, I'm a little perplexed.  Even in saying all of that, I may have missed Blake's point all they way.

As far as "team dynamics".  After all the trades, guys quitting, players calling out the Coach during a game, I would submit that 2013-2014 team dynamics are long gone.

I think Ben Meisner is an important part of this team.  His starting tonight or not starting tonight rests on whether he feels right and/or the health of Grogan.  Again, this is where team doctors have to be on top of things.

I would love to see Dale and Carter back on the ice.  It doesn't sound as if they both could make it back, not knowing the extent and any progress of their groin injuries.

The point about Dean Ouellet is well taken.  It leads to another question.  Will somebody step up and give Sirota what he deserves? 

If not, then I would say that reflects on the "team dynamics" more than anything else!