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Opening Arguments

Pretend courage


The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation on Thursday announced the 41st U.S. president, father of former President George W. Bush, is co-recipient of the 2014 Profile in Courage Award for making the politically difficult choice to raise taxes two years into his first term.

Political courage is doing what you thin is right even though you know it will be unpopular. So of course these shameless liberal hucksters think breaking the "Read my lips" pledge was the right thing for Papa Bush to do -- it got a Democrat back in the White House, didn't it?

What do you call doing the wrong thing when you know it will be unpopular other than sheer stupidity?

This sounds about right:

Apparently, “courage” as defined by the Kennedy Library Foundation means, “Republicans doing stuff that Democrats want them to”. Bush’s co-recipient was a Republican mayor in Georgia who fought to make it easier for illegal immigrants to work and avoid the law.