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Tailing the Komets

Here's the breakdown

* If the Komets lose tonight at home to Toledo in regulation, they will be the No. 8 seed face defending ECHL champion Reading in the first round.

* If the Komets win and Wheeling loses in regulation, overtime or a shootout in Cincinnati, Fort Wayne moves into the No. 7 spot. The same is true if the Komets lose in overtime or a shootout and Wheeling loses in regulation.

* If the Komets get to seventh, they could play South Carolina which has completed its schedule. If Kalamazoo beats Evansville at home or loses in overtime or a shootout, the Wings would move to the No. 2 seed.

* With two wins over the weekend, Orlando and Cincinnati can also tie South Carolina with 92 points. If Kalamazoo loses in overtime or a shootout against Evansville, then four teams would have 92 points. The first tiebreaker is non-shootout wins, and Orlando would win the tiebreaker with 40 and face the Komets.

If Kalamazoo wins on Saturday, the Wings would have 93 points and make the tiebreaker discussion irrelevant as far as the Komets are concerned.