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Tailing the Komets

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Mon, 05/05/2014 - 10:15am

For the "big line" and the story above.  Maybe it would be good to review the recent goals by Dean Ouellet and Matt Carter. 

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 3:47pm

Sorry to say, but our #1 line has basically been non-existent so far in these playoffs.  To be honest, I hardly even noticed Marino out there for the first two games against Cincinnati.  I know Auger is playing hurt and doesn't want to take a hit that will knock him out for another whole season. Fleming is really trying, but he's just not getting the bounces.  Thank goodness the second and third lines have been producing for us, especially Szydlowski and the Ouellets, and Matt Carter has gotten a couple of awesome goals.  We really need to ramp up the scoring.  I agree with Alan, two goals a game are not going to win this series.

I still have confidence that the K's can get it done though.  They just need to skate harder, shoot more often (instead of making too many passes), score some garbage goals (they don't all have to be a thing of beauty), take control of the neutral zone, protect Meisner and clear out any rebounds.  On the flip side, they need to pounce on those rebounds that Madore leaves for them and put that puck in the net.  I don't know how many chances they missed out on this past weekend.  Another thing - they've got to win faceoffs!  This seems to be something that has troubled them all season.  You can't control the game if you can't win faceoffs.  

Rest up boys.  Do your homework on them and come out like that first home game against Reading.  Keep the win at home streak alive and show the Cyclones what you're made of.  We fans will be cheering you on in our orange and black all the way.  All the way to the Cup!

Go K's!!!