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Tailing the Komets

14 Ks going to camp

From a Komets press release:

Komets announced Monday that 14 players on the Fort Wayne preseason roster will be attending AHL training camps when they open. 

12 players will be on Lake Erie's preseason roster when the Monsters open their camp Monday, Sept. 29.  Those players are:  Forwards Shawn Szydlowski, Thomas Frazee, Eric Faille, C.J. Severyn, Matthew Pistilli, Paul Crowder and Angelo Esposito.  Defensemen Cody Sol, Ian Barteaux, James Martin and Matt Krug and goaltender Pat Nagle.

Also attending AHL camps are forward Mike Embach (Chicago Wolves) and defenseman Mikael Tam (Hartford Wolfpack).

"The number of Komet players attending Lake Erie and other AHL camps was a big factor in being able to sign quality players this off-season," said Komet general manager David Franke.  "Being on the ice in Lake Erie this week will improve our  players conditioning for when they arrive in Fort Wayne."


Blake Sebring
Mon, 09/29/2014 - 2:27pm

The interesting thing about this is you wonder how many if any will be in the lineup Saturday for the exhibition game. It probably depends on how many players Colorado sends down between now and then. It's also unlikely we'll find out before early Saturday anyway.

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 3:24pm

Are tickets still available for this Saturday? If so, how much are they? I believe this info was posted a while ago, just don't have time to look for it at the moment

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 3:49pm

Is it typical that this many players are invited to AHL camp? I expect Colorado to send a lot of players down after their road game in Calgary tomorrow.

True That
Tue, 09/30/2014 - 4:30am

Many NHL teams will send guys down after last nights games and then again after Wednsday nights games. So you should see more "AHL" guys in AHL camps soon. If I had to pick Ks that will be in the AHL game I would say Szydlowski, Pistilli and Severyn.